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UNYPAD – Panicupan, Pikit Chapter holds meeting for Islamic Leadership and Management Training preparation

By: Rahim Lasak

PIKIT, COTABATO (October 5, 2020) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Baramgay Panicupan, Pikit Chapter, conducted a special meeting last Thursday (October 1) in preparation for the upcoming Islamic Leadership and Management Training.

The meeting, held at Masjid Bilal, Sitio Muslim Panicupan, Pikit, Cotabato, was participated by the officers and members of UNYPAD-Panicupan, Pikit Chapter, wherein they discussed important agenda that includes target participants, tasks of the working committees, logistics and other important matters related to the proposed training.

In compliance with the minimum health standards, the organizer limited the number of participants to the said capacity-building activity to 40 that include officers and members of the chapter.

It was further agreed that the venue of the said activity will be at Al-Alsim Elementary School and to be held on 24-25 of October 2020.

The members also showed their support and willingness to join the training.

They believe that one way of strengthening the organization is by building stronger relationships, sense of belongingness, and unity among the members.

“Shukor tanu kanu nya a pakawma opportunity salkitanu, tatabanga tanu sa endaw taman e magaga tanu, In shaa Allah (We must be thankful for this in coming opportunity, let us help one another in the best that we can, In Allah’s will),” said UNYPAD Mohammad Campo, Panicupan Chapter Deputy Secretary for Committee on Da’wah and Education.

Abdulnasser Asim , UNYPAD Panicupan Chairman, extended his gratitude and emphasized the responsibility of being a Bangsamoro youth in community.

“Shukor ako kanu kinatalamba nu. Nya tano embagelan na so kadtatagapda tano bilang responsible Bangsamoro youth kanu dalpa tanu (I am very grateful for your presence. We must strengthen our relationships, i.e. Islamic Brotherhood, as a responsible Bangsamoro youth in our community).”

Asim expressed confidence for the full cooperation of the officers and members of his chapter that will lead to the success of the upcoming training.

The secretary of Women Affairs Committee (WAC), Guihanah P. Balabagan, also gave her short message.

“Sekitanu a mga babay na masla e part tanu, edtatabanga tanu kanu nganin nganin a mapya galbek, di tanu pagitungen e mga babay tanu bu a dala magaga nin (We as a women have a big part to play, we have to help each other for common good. We should never think that we are just women, that we don’t have any ability),” Guiahanah said.

Sammy Samama, Barangay Kagawad of Panicupan, graced the meeting and donated foods for lunch during the said gathering. He expressed delight seeing the Bangsamoro youth of their village that are actively engaged in doing something for the good of their community. (Photo Salesforce)