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UNYPAD Damalasak chapter conducts oath taking ceremony

By: Zulkarnain Molao Kudto

PAGALUNGAN, MAGUINDANAO (October 14, 2020) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Inc. Damalsak Chapter conducted oath taking ceremony for the newly appointed set of officers at Barangay Damalasak, Pagalungan Maguindanao on October 10, 2020.

The event was among the annual drafted activities of North Cotabato Cluster II that aimed to strengthen the organizing and to maintain the facilitation of its activities as part of the general programs and services of UNYPAD.

Badrodin Manalinding, UNYPAD Chairman – Pagalungan Chapter, stressed, “Realizing this activity could push us to do more because despite the countless challenges we are facing brought by the current situation, we did it successfully.”

Manalinding gaved the rationale and overview of the program.  He also emphasized, “If we work together, we could easily achieve the specific goals of UNYPAD.”

“As for youths, UNYPAD seems to be a sanctuary of knowledge that could build the foundation of both spiritual and moral capability of its member,” Ustadz Fahad Mokalam, Secretary of Dawah and Education of UNYPAD-Pagalungan Chapter, conveyed as he discussed Islamic Orientation.

He pointed out, “If you join in UNYPAD, you would learn at least three of its basic components: solid foundation of faith in Almighty, skill development and strong brotherhood in Islam.”

Datuan ‘Dats’ Magon, UNYPAD Deputy Secretary-General for Administration gave updates on status of the Bangsamoro peace process and current situation in Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

Magon enumerated some of the major challenges that being faced by the leaders of BARMM such as among others; the aging of leaders, managing the high expectations of the people mostly in the region, how to address the sentiments of the people in the ground while dealing with socio-political and economic instability, and unity among the tribes in the region.

Ustadz Mohamad Hassan expressed his trust and confidence to the youth as nation builders. “I’m so blessed that I became a member of UNYPAD,” he conveyed.

Abdulmutalib Buday presented the set of officers and followed by the reading of the pledge of loyalty and acceptance message from Chairwoman of Pagalungan Chapter, Sister Taya Adam.

Samerson Molao, the appointed Chairman of Damalasak Chapter, reminded his constituents including himself on the degrees of responsibilities they have especially in implementing the programs and services of the organization.

“This task is not easy but working together as team is a big factor that will enable us to attain the goals of the UNYPAD,” he said.

Brother Badrudin Mamendig encouraged and challenged the newly appointed officers of Damalasak chapter to perform the tasks and responsibilities given to them.

“We are very much thankful and we congratulate you.  Despite of the very challenging situation, the leadership of Pagalungan Chapter closely monitors and supervises the Dalamalasak Chapter to pursue this activity,” Mamendig said.

Norhaya Palao as the representative of UNYPAD Women Affairs Committee delivered the message of gratitude. She also reminded the attendees about the important roles of women in the organization.

“We have very significant roles to play in the organization as we believe man can never build a nation without us,” she emphasized.

Among the attendees were the Chairman of Political Committee of Damalasak, Ustadz Mustapha Sauton, and other members UNYPAD NCC-2.