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UNYPAD Inug-ug chapter conducts Islamic Leadership and Management Training

By: Mamot P. Singgon

Photo credit to Hassanudin K. Singgon

PIKIT, COTABATO/October 16, 2020 – United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) In. – Inug-ug Chapter conducted Islamic leadership and management training held on October 10 to 11, 2020 in an effort to capacitate its newly organized members.

The activity, held at at Maguid Compound Sitio Mangundong, Inug-ug, Pikit, Cotabato, was participated by 35 Bangsamoro youth came from different sitios of the Barangay.

Designed coherent under the major program and services of the UNYPAD, the training provided the  participants with essential knowledge and skills geared to develop them into good citizens and eventually leaders of their own community.

Said Chan M. Maguid, UNYPAD – Inug-ug Chapter Chairman during his welcome address stressed the importance for good leaders to seek knowledge.

 “The best gift from Allah is our knowledge, to become good leaders we must be plenty of this,” he emphasized.

Maguid also pointed out, “Niya mapiya kamal na pagagama endu nya nin ipegkamal na su agama, salta lon na niya tanu kamalan muna na su mga ginawa tanu bago su ped a taw” (Good leader must have faith, leads by faith, and should lead himself first before others).

Ben G. Maguid, Al-Haj, barangay councilor of Inug-ug, expressed his support to the training and encouraged participants to become participative in the training as the activity was essential to them in preparation of the future generation of leaders.

“The best leader is a good follower, the best follower is a good leader,” he stressed.

Maguid added “You must be thankful also to our leaders, as you are now in the situation where armed struggle is no longer used.” 

Mustapha Sanduyugan, Chairman of UNYPAD Pikit Chapter, cited in his inspirational message the most remarkable message of Shaikh Salamat Hashim, MILF founder, “If freedom cannot be achieved during my lifetime, I can assure you and I can assure everybody, that I have already planted the seeds of Jihad. I have already planted the idea of fighting for freedom in the hearts of my people, the Bangsamoro people.”

Gracing their lecturers with series of workshops and write shops were Abdulrahim Balabagan, UNYPAD Provincial Secretary, Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, discussed the role of youth in nation-building and Ustadz Hamsa G. Landayan, UNYPAD Provincial Chairman delivering his expertise on Islamic leadership and Management.

Rahib L. Kudto, PhD., UNYPAD National President, gave his motivational message on the last hour of the training explaining the importance of youth in development.

 “If you want to build peaceful and lasting community, build youth leaders because their role in the community is very important most especially in Bangsamoro community,” he emphasized.

“UNYPAD operates with youth leaders, we prepared modules and trainings extracted from the Qur-an and Sunah as the basis in molding youths through enhancing their knowledge and skills while they are in the organization in order for them to become a proactive  members of their community,” Kudto elucidated.

The president also elaborated why UNYPAD needs to organize barangay chapter stresing, “The barangay chapter has a big role in the implementation of the organizational objectives since they have the direct deal or contact with the people within their community.”

The participants also gave their reflection underscoring the importance of the said activity for them as youth leaders.

They were also looking forward for another set of training that could give them more knowledge and skills.

The activity was highly supported and supervised by the Office of the Secretary General Yusoph Lumambas and Datuan Magon,

Also present to give their relentless support to the training were the barangay officers of UNYPAD Inug-ug Chapter spearheaded by Chairwoman Zahara M. Kome and Derhana Maguid, core group member of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster II.

Abdulnasser A. Andik, UNYPAD Pikit Chapter Secretary on Research and Information was also present to supervise the event.