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UNYPAD conducts Training-Workshop on Resource Mobilization

By: Bhads G. Manalinding

KABACAN, COTABATO (October 21, 2020) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Inc. Pagalungan chapter conducted in the three-day Training-Workshop on Resource Mobilization for three barangays of Pagalungan held at 8th Avenue, Kabacan, Cotabato on October 13 to 15, 2020.

The participants were BLGU representatives from Barangays Damalasak, Galakit and Layog, Community Security Working Group (CSWG) and selected UNYPAD member in the Pagalungan representing the youth sector.

The activity was part of the implementation of European Union-funded Public Empowerment for Good Governance or PEACE for GOOD Governance project of the Reconciliation Resources CR- Philippines under the project of Reconciliation Resources CR- Philippines being implemented by UNYPAD Inc.  

”Supposedly this training was designed to be conducted earlier on the 2nd quarter, but because of the advent of the pandemic, the project team moved to hold on the implementation,” Yusoph Lumambas, Project officer at the same time UNYPAD Secretary General said in the overview and rationale of the program.

He emphasized that the project was really supporting BLGU on enhancing governance capacities as well as some community members.

Lumambas also reminded the participants that moral governance being championed by BARMM will only be realized through the BLGU and community participation as front liners of government.

He assured that UNYPAD is along with the BARMM to realize the very high expectation of the community.  “We should support this government because it cost blood and life of the Mujahideen,” he underscored.

Lumambas also pointed out, “The particular objective of this activity is for you to have an idea on drafting simple and a useful project proposal that must be suited to your area and if possible it can be beneficial to your community and this is being part of assuring the sustainability of the project after we leave the community,” he added.

The training-workshop was facilitated by Ms. Ma Brenda Lee Nicolas-Drah, a resource person with long time experience in developing project proposal and drafting Barangay Development Plans.

Ms. Nicolas-Drah discussed the concept of mobilizing the resources, resource mobilization flow chart involving local, municipal and foreign agencies, ways on identifying the project and its requirement, resources mobilization strategies, and the proper guidelines on implementing the projects whenever the proposal will be successfully granted.

”What I presented to you is the simplest way that you can make your own project proposal which must be essential and beneficial to your respected barangays,” she pointed out.  

Nicolas-Drah also said, “Please don’t be afraid or be ashamed when you are writing your own proposal for you are just a beginner. I am pretty sure that with the techniques and strategies we’ve discussed for the past three-days, you are now ready to make your own project proposal.”  

The major outputs of the training were the draft project proposals extracted from the BDP. The participants also presented in the plenary their outputs.

”My expectation to this training seminar was really answered. After this event I am fully confident that most of the participants can be able to make a project proposal,” Mama Mamasabulod, Brgy Councilor of Damalasak, Pagalungan said in his impression message.