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UNYPAD-Relief International handover 2021 AIP and AOP

By: Zulkarnain M. Kudto

PIKIT, NORTH COTABATO (October 27, 2020) —United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Inc, holds turnover ceremony of 2021 AIP and AOP held at Jazz Grill and Restaurant, Poblacion Pikit, North Cotabato on  October 22, 2020.

Rudy Lumapinet, UNYPAD Secretary on Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and also a project coordinator of the UNYPAD-RI project gave the rationale and overview of the activity.

He pointed out that the active participation of barangay officials and other sectors helps in realizing the importance of participatory governance and that could also contribute to the realization of moral governance championed by the BARMM.

This project is funded by German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) and implemented by Relief International (RI) in partnership with UNYPAD and the SSD-BARMM.

It is a capacity-building project that intends to capacitate communities from various sectors to participate in governance processes in order to realize socio-economic priorities.

Under SSD-BARMM, its main objective is to improve the mechanisms for service delivery and stabilization of state and civil society structures, implementation of Quick Impact Project (QIPs) that will be undertaken by participating barangays through inclusive and participatory process.

The project further intend to build the capacity of local governments and civil society stakeholders to implement conflict-sensitive and community-driven projects that aims to contribute to local development in the BARMM area.

Datuan ‘Dats’ Magon, Deputy Secretary General for Administration, elaborated and gave some updates regarding the role of UNYPAD in the peace process.

‘’This stage of transition period is very crucial, we must be careful because if this transition will failure, entire Bangsamoro suffer and getting more worst situation than before,” he warned

Magon quoted the saying of Bapa Shiek Abas, founding member of MILF who cited ‘’Matag tanu nakadunggo na da tanu pan makadtenga.’’

Saidali Solaiman, barangay official of Inug-ug gave his response message to UNYPAD-RI staff saying, “Without the support of UNYPAD-RI project, the 2021 AIP and AOP was not realized, thank you for rendering your valuable time to help us formulate this documents as well as other components.”        

Esmael Abdulrahim, founding officer of UNYPAD and also now the treasurer of Barangay Bagoenged extended his message of support to UNYPAD-RI project.

He further elaborated the struggle and challenges of the organization before and what it has achieved now.

“It is a great opportunity being one of the founding officers of UNYPAD. Until now the operation of our organization still exists and getting famous in peace-building, humanitarian and governance aspect support and services,” he said.

“As youth leader and old comrade, I fell happy and will spend my time to serve our people. Our jihad, mostly by our organization (UNYPAD), to train and develop productive young leaders in Bangsamoro homeland in shaa Allah’’ Ebrahim added.  

Kagawad Abdulgafor Maliga extended his full support to the leadership of UNYPAD and Relief International for selecting their barangay as one of the beneficiaries of the project.

He mentioned that ‘’Even we faced many challenges during our training/workshop regarding project proposal, BLGU of three barangays in Pagalungan gave their best to realize the specific goal of the barangay.’’