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Datu Alimot Elementary School Thanks Philam Foundation

GALAKIT, PAGALUNGAN, Maguindanao (November 4, 2020) — The Philam Foundation, Inc. conducted ground breaking ceremony for the formal starting of its infrastructure project in Datu Alimot Elementary School on October 27, 2020.

The foundation is a non-profit organization which known for its assistance and services to elementary schools affected by and prone to either natural or man-made calamities.

This year, two selected schools in Maguindanao I and II are the beneficiaries for the project of the foundation. One of those is Datu Alimot Elementary School which could receive two units of classroom building with complete facilities to be constructed by Alay Balay Development Corporation base in General Santos City.

The principal of Datu Alimot Elementary School, Nasra Banto, expressed her gratitude, saying they are so lucky for being selected among the beneficiaries of Philam Foundation.

Schools District Supervisor of Pagalungan, Samir Ampatuan, also extended his utmost gratitude commending the generosity of the Filam Foundation  and for choosing Datu Alimot.

Architect Winison Bagain said he is glad and feeling so lucky seeing the hospitality and the presence of the teaching force (DAES) of the school.

He added that their presence is a big factor for the immediate implementation of the project. Bagain said they aim to finish the construction within 60 working days.

Pagalungan Chief of Police PTL. Jesus Bangayan Ubani Jr. asked the cooperation of everyone for stability of peace and order of the community and the success of project.

He encouraged the stakeholders to work together towards attaining long lasting peace and development of the school.

Brgy. Captain Datu Anwar Matalam emotionally narrated a story about his late father Datu Alimot Matalam and how the school was created.

“This school was created during the time of my late father.  He was inspired by children who had desire to learn and experience decent and formal education. That has compelled him to donate this land,” he said.

“Let’s maintain the peace and development in our school and barangay. Indeed, working together is an important factor to sustain those,” the village chieftain added.

Zulkarnain Kudto, representative of UNYPAD NCC-2 uttered his unwavering support for the implementation of the project. He said they can be counted in as among the working force with free of charge if ever additional manpower is needed.

Among the attendees were members of the teaching force of Datu Alimot Elementary School, School District personnel and representatives from the BLGU and Civil Society Organization.