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Newly-installed UNYPAD Tapodoc Chapter officers take oath

By: Jomar M. Marquez

TAPODOC, ALEOSAN (November 9, 2020) – The newly-installed officers and members of United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Tapodoc Chapter took their oath of office at Mahad Shar-ey Al-Islamie, Tapodoc, Aleosan,  Cotabato on November 1, 2020.

“We will do our best in implementing the organization program and services to the best that we can,” Emran Taya, UNYPAD Chairman Tapodoc Chapter, vowed as he bravely accepted the challenge. 

Hamin Balad, UNYPAD Aleosan, Municipal Chairman lead the pledge of loyalty as the officers and member of UNYPAD Tapodok chapter graced their oath which were immediately followed by the message of acceptance given by Hamsa Landayan, UNYPAD NCC-II, Provincial Chairman.

The program started as through the recitation of a verse of the holy Qur’an by Zukarno Hassan Taya, Committee on Campaign and Advocacy.

Barangay chairman of Tapodoc, Khadhaphy M. Taya, delivered the opening remarks emphasizing and reminding everyone the importance of paying courtesy to the leaders.

Akmad Donia, Coordinator’s Consultant of Pikit Cluster III was also in the program, along with the Pikit Cluster III Area Coordinator, Jimmy Adil, to witness the oath-taking ceremony.

Adil recalled of the historical struggles of the Bangsamoro and how important it is to value the BARMM as a way of honoring those struggles, emphasizing the spirit of understanding, respecting and trusting the person in the authority in the BARMM government.

“We’ve come into far; from the bitterness of yesterday until to these little achievements we have, this is because we understand each other and I guess the more we give understanding to each other, the more we love and respect each other,” he underscored.

UNYPAD Deputy Secretary for Administration Datuan “Dhats” Magon gave emphasis on describing the organization’s (UNYPAD) role to the community.

“We need to hold on to this organization (UNYPAD) our simple participation and contributions might be one of the vehicles in promoting peace and attaining the long call of the right to self-determination,” he pointed out.

Omar Mohammad, the Provincial Representative of Committee on Research and Information, informed the newly-sworn members about their tasks and functions highlighting his words through reminding the officers on the focus of the organization in developing a competent, efficient, and effective young leaders.

Rowena Salilagya, Women Affairs Committee (WAC) Provincial Secretary, was also given time to express her words of gratitude for making WAC part of this another milestone of UNYPAD.

UNYPAD Adviser of Tapodoc chapter, Ustadza Zahara Adil-Zumbaga, gave the closing message by sharing her past experiences and the struggles that she and her companions had encountered

“Unity and volunteerism, that’s what make the activity successful,” Noraida Taya said, UNYPAD chairwoman of Tapodoc chapter, when asked as to how did the activity was made successful.

Being wary of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers assured that health protocol was observed during the whole duration of the program.