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UNYPAD Committee on Da’wah and Education holds Provincial Training Workshop

By: Johana S. Abid

PIKIT, NORTH COTABATO (November 24, 2020) — United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Inc. NCC-II Provincial Committee on Da’wah and Education held a 2-day training workshop on Skillful Presentation and Methodology of Da’wah: An Innovative Method for Moral Governance Advocates on November 14-15, 2020 at UNYPAD Sub-Office, Batulawan, Pikit, Cotabato.

Twenty-seven (27) selected members of Committee on Da’wah and Education of Aleosan, Pikit, Pagalungan and Datu Montawal chapters participated in the said activity.
The training was initiated to capacitate each of Da’wah members to become skilled and innovative in presenting comprehensive ideas in public speaking.

Top officers of the UNYPAD graced the event as speakers namely National President Dr Rahib L. Kudto together with UNYPAD Secretary General Ustadz Yusoph Lumambas and Deputy Secretary General for Administration Datuan Magon, Jr.

The UNYPAD president remarked about the importance of being skilful in public speaking and he emphasized the essential qualities that a public speaker must possess.

“A speaker is a model, your appearance and actions will always give impressions to your audience so with your statements, always remind yourself that you are standing in front or above to convey a message, and for sure you cannot persuade or convince your audience if even yourself are not so convincing,” he pointed out.

Kudto also discussed moral governance as espoused by the BARMM government emphasizing faith, role of law and services as its pillars.

Meanwhile, Ustadz Lumambas gave an offshoot on Methodology of Da’wah presenting the format of “Inverted Pyramid” techniques in the delivery of content of the presentation.

He also gave some important tips in concluding a message. “On your final statement, do not forget to leave emotional or challenging words for the audience to reflect,” Lumambas emphasized.

Mr. Magon revisited the role of UNYPAD in the Bangsamoro struggle having Da’wah as its frontline.

“UNYPAD survived and even contributed a lot on Bangsamoro struggles somewhat because of you. That is why we need to strengthen this (Da’wah) until we attain our ultimate goal which is to make Allah’s words supreme,” he underscored.

Ustadz Jomar Medsig of Pikit Chapter expressed his gratitude for having the activity and cited how it will help him in the future.

“The training is a big gift of Allah S.W.T. I learned a lot that can surely make my engagement in public speaking more meaningful and memorable, in shaa Allah,” he expressed.

Series of workshops were given to participants to evaluate their learning for the two-day training.

Organizers assured that health protocols were strictly followed in the entire duration of the activity.