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UNYPAD New Panay Chapter conducts Islamic Symposium

By: Hassanudin K. Singgon

ALEOSAN, NORTH COTABATO (December 2, 2020) — United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) New Panay Chapter spearheaded the conduct of Islamic Symposium with the theme “Bangsaramoro Youth: Source of Strength in Upholding Peaceful and Progressive Community” held on October 25, 2020 at Purok 7, Sitio Mubarak, New Panay, Aleosan, Cotabato Province.

Hundreds of individuals coming from different sectors in the community attended the activity.

Datuan “Dats” Magon, Deputy Secretary on Administration of UNYPAD, gave an update on the situation on peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

He quoted the statement of Bapa Shaik Abbas saying, “Matag tanu naka dunggo na da tanu pamon makadtenga (We may reached our destination but we have not settled yet).”

“So mga lukes tanu na naka deliver den silan kanu Jihad, bali sekami manem kanu kangudan e mapatalos kanu Jihad tanu saguna (Our parents did their part for the struggle, we, the youth, should continue it now),” Magon added.

Norhamin K. Taparan, Committee on Da’wah Pikit Chapter, gave a Muhadhara focusing on the role of Muslim youth in the community.

“As a Muslim youth we must know how to think about our today, tomorrow, and the following days,” he pointed out.

“Aden sapulo kataw a manguda kanu dalpa a temambing kanu agama, na malilintad so dalpa, (Should there be at least ten persons who will uphold Islam in a place, surely that place will be at peace),” he added.

Mantel Tato, Chairman of Kalbugan Chapter, discussed about the Aqeeda (creed) Islamiya.

“Taman a malubay pan e lekitano a aqeeda na apya endaw ka pasangulen na ped a mga taw na malmo tanobon maketeng (As long as our Aqeeda remains still weak, wherever others will direct us, we will easily follow them),” he pointed out.

“Pamulan tanu so mga pamusongan tanu sa aqeeda sabap sa namba e kagkabagel a lekitano a palityala sa kanu Allahu ta Ala (We should sow aqeeda in our hearts because that would strengthen our belief to Him),” he added.

In his Muhadhara, member of Committee on Da’wah provincial level North Cotabato Cluster II Mohalidin Molilis, pointed out the importance of Jihad citing, “We are now in the Jihad al-Nafs (We are now in the Jihad al-Nafs),” he said

“Saguna na pem-build tanu, na amayka di mapia e foundation tanu na taman sa taman na diden makatidto (We are now in the stage of building a strong foundation and if we can’t do it, it will remain unstable forever),” he pointed out.

“We have a lot of Muslim professionals now, because of our Jihad,” Molilis added and added, “Dili maka solve sa problema no dalpa tanu e kadakel a tamok, uged na ya maka solve lon na so kabagel o gilek sa Allah (The abundance of wealth cannot solve the problem of society but our ‘fear of God’).”

Among the attendees are Nor-ali Mokalam, Esmail Usman, BLGU, SWC, BCN, PolCom, PPF, BIWAB, and BIAF.