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UNYPAD Pikit Municipal Chapter establishes Bagoinged Barangay Chapter

By: Hassanudin K Singgon

PIKIT, NORTH COTABATO (January 5, 2021) — United Youth for Peace and Development. Inc. (UNYPAD) Pikit Municipal Chapter established Bagoinged Barangay Chapter on December 29. 2020.

Along with the establishment of this new chapter were the orientation and oath-taking ceremony of its new officers and members.

Pikit Cluster II Coordinator Abdulatip G. Tiago amplified his support to the programs and services of UNYPAD.

“In every UNYPAD activity conducted in my area of responsibility, just inform me for I am very much willing to support and we must help each other for the betterment of our community,” Tiago said.

He also encouraged the youth to study more. “Youth is the hope of Bangsaramoro, don’t stop studying until you can. This is the time to study,” he stressed.

Al-hafidz Murad Amad of the Committee on Da’wah and Education of UNYPAD Pikit Chapter gave a Muhadarah with the topic “Aqeeda Islamiya.”

He discussed the six articles of faith and he focused on three types of Tawhid (oneness of Allah).

Ustadz Norhamin K. Taparan Committee on Da’wah Pikit Chapter for his Muhadara tackled on the role of the youth in Islam.
He quoted the saying of Imam Hasanol Bashari citing, “If we compare our nation to the men, the heart of this is the youth, if the youth will destroy, our community will be also be destroyed.”

Ustadz Hamza Landayan Provincial Chairman of North Cotabato Cluster II also imparted orientation the new members of UNYPAD.

He was joined by Jhoe P. Balabagan, Secretary on Campaign and Advocacy, who discussed about the tasks and functions of all the committees of the organization.

Among the attendees were Barangay Captain Faisal Haron, Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces Brigade Commander Kunowa D. Guiapal, Ustadz Norodin Abas, Women’s Affairs Committee core group, and 525 participants from different Sitios of the said barangay.