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UNYPAD Pikit conducts orientation for Batulawan Chapter

By: Guihana P. Balabagan

PIKIT, COTABATO PROVINCE (January 21, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Pikit Chapter conducted an orientation for Batulawan Chapter held on January 15, 2021 at Kag. Loy Batugan Residence , Batulawan in this town with 50 attendees.

The UNYPAD orientation was aimed to encourage the participating youth to become competent, excellent, and effective young agent of change in the community equipped with strong faith and willingness to help in the development of their communities.

Mustapha Sanduyogan, Chairman of UNYPAD Pikit, said, ” Ya tanu muna ipendevelop na so spiritual, endaw e kadevelop tanu kanu spiritual na ma aden tanu sa efficient endo effective a leader sa future (We must develop first our spiritual, thereafter we will become an efficient and effective leader in the future).”

Member of Committee on Da’wah and Education of Pikit, Murad Amad, talked about Aqeedah (faith) for his part giving lecture on Islamic orientation. He emphasized how necessary it is for the youth to possess strong Aqeedah.

Embagelan tanu e aqeedah bilang mga manguda endo iluyod tanu e ginawa tanu kanu grupo a makadtabang salkitanu sa mapiya a sya sa ka islamie a galbek (We should strengthen our faith as youth and engage ourselves in a group that can help us well in Islamic way).”

The topic ‘Role of the youth’ was delivered by Norhamin K. Taparan, one of the membees of the Committee on Da’wah and Education of Pikit Chapter.

He said, “So pusong no galbekan na so manguda, umingka da makapas so manguda na egkalat so dalpa, umingka migkapya so manguda na so dalpa na egkapiya (The hearts and actions of the youth, when they fail, our community will also fail, but when they succeed, our community will be prosperous).”

UNYPAD’s vision, mission, goal, objectives, programs and services were introduced by AbdulNasser Andik, Secretary of Committee on Research and Information of Pikit Chapter.

Andik elaborated the backgrounds why and how UNYPAD had built the realities and experiences behind the success of the organization.

He also talked about the different committees where the capacitated young members will belong based on their skills and specializations.

“Entayn e kalini pagamong sa jihad, volunteers na welcome kanu nyaba a organization (Those who are willing to join in jihad, volunteers are all welcome to this organization).”

He also related that UNYPAD is a part of peace negotiation being a member of 3rd party monitoring team.

Andik related further the role played by the organization that is to spread the peace in the community.

The Vice Chairman of UNYPAD NCCII, Badrudin Mamendig was also present in the activity.

He said, “Nya role na UNYPAD saguna na democratic struggle, penggulalan tanu e galbek tanu su kabpayapat sa mga bityala na Philippine Government endo peace process (The role of UNYPAD in the present democratic struggle is spreading information from the Philippine Government and give updates of the peace process).”

Also present to give his message of support was Loy Batugan , 1st Kagawad of the said barangay. He was joined by other baranggay officials.

The Political Committee (PolCom) officials were also present to supervise the activity and show their support.

Among the other attendees were UNYPAD NCCII officers and members including the representatives from the Women Affairs Committee (WAC).