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Barangay Pedtad – Kabacan Chapter conducts mass oath-taking of officers, members

By: Jalil Aiman Lumambas

COTABATO CITY (January 27, 2021) – More than a hundred officers and members of United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) – Barangay Padtad under Kabacan Chapter joined the mass oath-taking on December 28, 2020 committing themselves to do their best to help realize UNYPAD’s mission and vision.

The newly-inducted officers and members also pledged loyalty to the leadership and to the organization as whole.

Present in the event were local officials of the said Barangay led by its chairman Adan D. Mantawil with councilors Emad Mantawil and Bensoud Mangadta. They were joined by PolCom chairman Badrudin Balatamay.

In his welcome statement, Chairman Mantawil extended thanks to UNYPAD for helping them mold the youth in their community.

Mr. Buharie Kutea, chairman of UNYPAD Kabacan, said, “All of us are member of the UNYPAD, old or newcomers, we are destined to be like our elders but it’s not like we’re replacing them, but we’re only preparing ourselves to become a good leader.”

“All of us were entrusted, then we will be questioned about what’s being entrusted to us and even our youth days will be questioned on how we used those. We should be cooperative towards the leaders so we can achieve solidarity. The leaders can use us or we can help them run the community, if the youth are developed, they can lend help,” he added.

Mr. Badrudin Ali, a Secretary of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster 3, gave orientation about UNYPAD. He also discussed the push factors why the said organization was established.
He also recalled the very traumatic experiences of the Bangsamoro people including the oppression and injustices committed by the Marcos regime, the all -out war of Estrada in 2000 and all out peace of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2003.

The latter marked unforgettable bombing during the Eid’l Adha congregational prayer in Buliok in Pagalungan town.

The speaker cited that those experiences led to the marginalization of Bangsamoro people in all aspect, such as access to education, livelihood, health and many other services that supposedly given to them.
Yusoph S. Lumambas, UNYPAD Secretary General, discussed the concept and characteristics of moral governance and its pillars.
He encouraged the community to be patient and support the BARMM leadership and quoted the statement of Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim saying, ”We started the jihad with an oath before the Qur’an. This time we will also take an oath before the Qur’an as we start our governance.”

Lumambas gave assurance to the community that the Bangsamoro government will exist with faith, services and rule of law as foundation of moral governance which it espouses.

He also explained that through education, health, economic development, strategic Infrastructure and moral leadership, the objectives of the moral governance could be attained.

“Allah is the best planner and punisher as well,” he said.
Norsalin Patakpan, UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster 3 Provincial Chairman, gave an inspirational message citing, “The UNYPAD is an organization which molds the youth to become a good leader who will then continue what has been started of our leaders.”
He added, “The UNYPAD is a group where we can acquire ways on how to strengthen our spiritual and even skills. One validation to this is that some of the sub-committees of this organization is the Committee on Da’wah and Education. This organization also serves as our bridge in serving the marginalized communities.”

The activity was also witnessed by the executives officer of the North Cotabato Chapter 3, namely Nasron Salik, Edress Ligandingan, Alisadre Magunto and the Kabacan Women’s Affairs Committee chairperson.