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UNYPAD Aleosan Chapter holds Islamic Symposium

By: Johana S. Abid

ALEOSAN, COTABATO PROVINCE (January 27, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD)-Aleosan Chapter held an Islamic Symposium on Monday (Jan 25) at Sitio Sumansam, Barangay New Panay, this town.

Around 336 participants attended the event which has the theme “Bangsamoro Youth: Source of Strength in Upholding Peaceful and Progressive Community.”

It was generally aimed at educating the youth of their vital role for peace and development of the Bangsamoro homeland.

Datuan Magon, Deputy Secretary General for Administration, and Committee on Da’wah and Education Representatives Asatidh Abdulkarim Tado and Fahad Mokalam were the resource persons.

Mr. Magon presented first the road map of Government of the Philippines (GPH)-Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Peace Process.

He further discussed the key factors that contributed in implementing the Bangsamoro government.

“Youth should be trained for the future of the Bangsamoro homeland. Again, I emphasize that although we arrived, however we are not there yet (ending point).”

Asatidh Tado and Mokalam discussed Aquida Islamiya and the Role of Youth in Jihad.

“Youth should be informed about how Bangsamoro leaders and elders experienced and sacrificed to attain what we have right now so that youth can serve as hope not poison of nation,”Tado articulated.

Meanwhile, Mokalam shared about the importance having strong faith as Muslims.

“Sa uman galbek a pengulan na dayt na makaudsad sa mapiya a niyat endo di maaden so kadusan. Dayt na maaden endo kambagelan i niya ba sa tidto (In every action we do must begin with good intention such that we are able to avoid sin. This must develop and strengthen this),” he emphasized.

On his impression, Ebrahim Lunsing, Battalion Commader of National Guard said, ” Masla abenal i kinandumasayan no mga lukes tano sabap bo sa kapagapas sa kaaden sa ngin i aden sa lekitano saguna. So mga kangungudan na dayt na mapamando sa mapiya sa panon i kapasankad nilan sa mga mapiya a galbekan lalan sa kano agama islam endo masampay tano so kambayabaya (Bangsamoro leaders sacrificed a lot just to get we have right now. Youth should be taught well on good steps they will take in line with Islam in order to attain our aspirations).”

The attendees were composed of Social Welfare Committee (SWC), Political Committee (PolCom), United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UPJP), Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces (BIAF) and other youth from different communities.