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Barangay Simone Chapter conducts Islamic Leadership and Management Training

By: Monibar Sudang

KABACAN, COTABATO PROVINCE (February 4, 2020)- The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Simone Chapter in this town conducted Training-Workshop on Islamic Leadership and Management on December 29-30, 2020 held at Barangay Simone Elementary School Covered Court.

The two-day training was participated by 35 UNYPAD members with Madrasa Teachers in the said Barangay.

The activity was part of the capacity-building initiative of the organization to improve youth leadership skills that is adherent to Islam.

In his overview, Ustadz Salahudin Kudto cited the important role of youth in Islamization and community development.

“Youths are vulnerable, whatever the inset will put into will surely grow until you get older. Always remember your importance as youth and your significant role in the community,” he said.

UNYPAD Secretary General Ustadz Yusoph Lumambas discussed the types of leadership cleaves to Islam and qualities of individuals qualified to be a leader.
According to him, “Leaders are persons who distinguish themselves above others by mental, physical abilities and spiritual elevation and have been elected to exercise authority.”

Lumambas also remarked that consultative style of leadership is applicable way to hold power and fitted to Islam as it always important to get the attention and thoughts of people.

“We are all a leaders whether we hold a position or not because we lead ourselves and control our actions,” he added.

Barangay Vice-Chairman Ustadz Abubacar Tumindig expressed his gratitude to the organization and to the persons behind the activity for bringing such useful initiative for the youths.

“I am very much thankful to where our struggle brought us today because during our time, we did not have training such as this one,” Tumindig said.

Barangay Kagawad Hadji Suib Dimasingkil also expressed his thanks. He said that the youth is only hope of tomorrow.

“Continue to chase the UNYPAD because there you’ll have a good mentor,” he added.

UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster 3 Chairman Norsalin K. Patacpan said they are grateful to see young people who are in the right track and as a chairman their office is always open for everyone who is willing to have training-workshop which has been part of the services of the organization.
The Kabacan Chapter Chairman Buhare S. Kutea also expressed also his gratitude to the participants and he expressed his support to the activities of its chapters.

Barangay Simone Chapter Chairman Kasmer Kalipapa was grateful to have the activity in their community.

He said that more workshops that will be conducted will continually help youths. Kalipapa was also optimistic that it will bring development in community.

Other executive officers present and expressed their support to the training were Provincial Secretary Badrudin Ali, Provincial Treasurer Nasron Salik, Alesadre Magunto, Badjunaid Buisan, Zachra Mapangal, Kabacan Women’s Affair Committee Chairperson Rasmiya Sanang-Sudang.