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UNYPAD Simone Chapter initiates clean-up drive in a Madrasah

By: Monibar M. Sudang
KABACAN, COTABATO PROVINCE (February 14, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) Simone Chapter initiated a clean-up drive on February 4, 2021 at Mahad Norul Ma’arifa Al-Islamie, Barangay Simone in this municipality.
The undertaking to reach out the Islamic school was in line with the organization’s objective to extend services to the youth.
The officers and members of UNYPAD Simone Chapter assisted the Mulits of the Madrasah in trimming grasses, collecting trashes around the campus and fixing broken learning equipment.
Simone Chairman Kasmer Kalipapa said it is important for young learners to have a school conducive for their learning.
He believes that the initiative which gather together the officers and members of their chapter is one way of maintaining their presence and spirit of the organization.
“With this, non-members will also notice us and know that what we are doing which is for the benefit of our community especially the youth,” he said.
Besides from their advocacy they were happy to assist community especially the Madrasah students and wished them that their efforts will be an inspiration for them to pursue seeking wisdom of Allah (Glorified be to him) and Sunnah of Prophet Mohamad (Peace be Upon Him).
Barangay Chairperson Baiyan Malagadong-Dimasingkil who is also a Madrasa student with her co-learners expressed their gratitude to the UNYPAD members for extending their time and efforts.
Meanwhile, the Madrasah teachers commended UNYPAD for helping them and choosing their Madrasah as beneficiary and as venue in promoting cleanliness as it mentioned in Allah’s (Glorified be to him) holy text that “Cleanliness is half of your worship.”