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UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster-4 conducts stakeholders’ orientation in Banisilan

By: Rayna Lamping

CARMEN, NORTH COTABATO (February 24, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development North Cotabato Cluster 4 (UNYPAD-NCC4) conducted a stakeholders’ orientation at Barangay Busaon, Banisilan, North Cotabato on February 20, 2021.
Akmad Maguid, the chairman of the cluster gave the rationale of the orientation. He said that the UNYPAD was created to address the difficulties suffered by the marginalized Mindanaons because of the unending armed conflicts.

Chairman Maguid extended his gratitude to the leaders of the Barangay for the warm welcome to the UNYPAD and he encouraged them to help in capacitating the youth.
“We are very grateful to the leaders of this barangay. Our proper coordination to the stakeholders resulted to a maximum participation of the youth,” he divulged.

According to Maguid, they were very overwhelmed with the number of participants which signified the sincerity of the youth in the Municipality of Banisilan.

“… I am challenging our leaders that we must develop the youth to be the next effective leaders who will continue our sacrifices and struggles,” he added.

Meanwhile, UNYPAD NCC4 member Benladin Maas, explained the vision, mission, goals, objectives, programs and services of the organization.

“The members of this organization share similar values and are willingly and voluntarily committed to offer their services and resources to inspire young people to become agents of change for sustainable development,” he said.

In addition, Elaysa Enalang, the Women Affairs Committee (WAC) chairperson also gave her message regarding the purpose of organizing the WAC.

“I am very overwhelmed to your response with our invitation especially to the young women who gave their time for this. As youth we are the next leaders of our society. As women we must take active participation because men cannot work well without women. We are partners of men,” she said.

Enalang reminded the participants about the importance of commitment and sincerity.
“As a non-profit organization, we, members of UNYPAD do not expect for any returns. We are voluntarily giving our time and resources to deliver the programs and services and as leaders we must be sincere and committed to whatever we are doing,” she stressed.

Enalang has also recalled the message from Kapalawan provincial chairman Kineg Enalang, citing, “Do your duty well. You should do your responsibility not just as a job but for the sake of Allah and for the organization.”

The participants expressed their gratitude for the activity and they wholeheartedly accepted the organization.