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UNYPAD-NCC II Buliok Chapter facilitates oath-taking

By. Zulkarnain M. Kudto

PAGALUNGAN, MAGUINDANAO (March 23, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc., (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II Buliok Chapter conducted its orientation and induction ceremony for the second batch on March 14, 2021 at Sitio Pibpulangian, Barangay Buliok, in this town.

The aim of the activity was to organize youth to become legitimate members of the organization and establish the chapter in the remote area most especially along the river side of Rio Grande de Mindanao.

Ustadz Ali Mosib, Mudeer of Mahad Tarbiyah, gave his inspirational message pointing out that, ‘’You (youth) are the hope of tomorrow, you need to be a good model most especially in our homeland.”

Abdulrahman Inalang, Mudeer of Madrasah Al-Ansarie, in his welcome address stressed that, “Even our place is quite far, you did your best to reach us for the cause of your organization most especially in educating the youth about Islam.”

Muhamad Abas, Chairman UNYPAD Pagalungan Chapter Core Group, disclosed on the rationale of the activity that, “We would not realize this activity without the cooperation and participation of UNYPAD Buliok Chapter, BLGU, Political Committees and SWC.”

Fahad Mokalam, Secretary of Committee on Da’wah and Education Pagalungan Chapter, discussed the importance of aqeedah in Islam.

He stressed that, “Langun na galbekan nu uman ni isa na a na nasisita na makaudsad sa mabagel a aqeedah ka su simba pedtaliman nu Allahu taala su ngani-nganin a mapya galbekan tanu (It is necessary that all of the things should be anchored to good faith because Allah SWT accepts our prayer if coupled with our good deeds).”

Taya Adam Chairwoman of Pagalungan Chapter elaborated the vision, mission, goal and objectives of UNYPAD and its programs and services. She also enumerated the different committees of the organization.

Datuan ‘Dats’ Magon, UNYPAD Deputy Secretary for Administration, gave some updates in the BARMM and current situation of peace process between GPH-MILF.

He said, “Our struggle is not yet finish. We need to trust our leaders and give our full support to our main organization (MILF).”

Bai Nisan C. Usman UNYPAD Buliok Chapter Chairwoman on her message stressed that, “Now you are full-fledged officers and members of our organization, UNYPAD, what we need is your cooperation and support to our activities to achieve our VMGO.”

Abdulnasser Usman, UNYPAD Buliok Chapter Adviser and Chairman of Political Committee Buliok 1, on his message of support pointed out that, “Every one of you have a responsibility, do your tasks to achieve the vision, mission, goal and objectives of our organization.”

Duwawan Mama, Chairwoman of Social Welfare Committee in Sitio Pibpulangian, Brgy Buliok Pagalungan, expressed her support and gratitude to the activity.

“Every youth in our barangay needs to choose those organization who help to develop their skills and capacity and I think UNYPAD is the best organization for young individuals to become a fruitful and excellent youth in our homeland,” she elaborated.

The officers and members of the chapter hoped that the event is not the last. They also expressed their desire to do their part as they engage in the journey in quest of achieving the aims of the organization.