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Biwang Province CSOs hold peace caravan to amplify call to support BTA extension

PALIMBANG, SULTAN KUDARAT (March 30, 2021) — Nearly two thousand people from various civil society organizations of Biwang province gathered together on Saturday (March 27) through a peace caravan and assembly in this town to demonstrate their collective support for the call to extend the period of Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA).

Bangsamoro civic groups, traditional leaders, religious leaders, women, youth and Indigenous Peoples from Lake Sebu, Kiamba and Maitum Sarangani Province, and Palimbang joined in the historic event to press members of the Philippine legislature to pass a law extending the transition period of the Bangsamoro government.

The motorcade from southern part of Palimbang started off from Kiamba, traversing the highway of Maitum and southern villages of Palimbang.

The groups who composed the caravan were identified as Gandingan sa Biwang compose of Datus and Bais of Royal House of Biwang, Bangsamoro Communications Network (BCN) Biwang, Kiamba, and Maitum chapters, Bangsamoro Radio Network (BRN), Biwang-Palimbang Riding Team (BPRT), Bangsamoro Islamic Youth Association (BIYA) and the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Kraan Chapter.

The BCN Biwang Chapter of Palimbang, Palimbang Radio Communications Network (PRCN), Da’watul Annisa’iyah Committee (DAC)—Jam’iyyatul Inma Litabsirah (JIL) of Palimbang, and UNYPAD Palimbang and Maganao Chapter and the Palimbang Youth Parliament (PYP) and other organizations started their motorcade from the municipal plaza.

Other groups and supporters of the program who started from the Northern part of Palimbang was spearheaded by Barsis L. Taya with the Biwang Economic Development Corporation and Ahmad Guiabal, head of Campo Muslim Fishing Cooperative.

During the program proper, the participants started with a prayer seeking the blessing and guidance of Almighty Allah and that their objectives be realized.

They also prayed for guidance to the leaders of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Different leaders of the participating organizations were given privilege to speak and explain to the public why there is a need to extend the Bangsamoro transition period and continue the support to the Bangsamoro government.

Kingboy Bayang, Provincial Chairman of Biwang Province under the Political Committee of UBJP, underscored the need to support the Bangsamoro Government.

“It (Bangsamoro government) brings peace not only in the core territory of BARMM but also to the other communities like Palimbang of which majority of is people are Moro,” he said.

Bayang related horrible experiences of the Moro people of Palimbang in the past particularly the Malisbong massacre and the social unrest during the Marcos era.

He added that the people of Palimbang at present dream to be a more peaceful and that their place be developed as harmony with other ethnic and religious groups is getting stronger.

Other speakers from the religious sector pointed out the need to apply moral governance and the Islamic way of life. They also called for unity among the people of Biwang province towards sustainable peace and development.

Ammier M. Dodo
CSO Movement for Moral Governance
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