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UNYPAD-WAC Pikit Chapter conducts Islamic symposium

By: Annie M. Udil

PIKIT, COTABATO PROVINCE (April 28, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)- Women’s Affairs Committee Pikit Chapter North Cotabato Cluster II ( NCCII) conducted Ramadan Islamic Symposium on April 24, 2021 at UNYPAD Sub- Office, Batulawan, this town.

“Ramadhan: It’s Significance, Benefits in Muslim Ummah and as Season of Women’s Personhood” was the theme of the event.

Around 100 participants attended the activity including UNYPAD executive officers from national, provincial, municipal and barangay levels.

In her message, Anisa Matula-Kudto, Vice-Chairperson for Internal Affairs of WAC National and Provincial Chairperson, said. “Women are always given a chance to attain trainings and events like this and this is not to compete with men.”

“Without the support of women, men are incomplete,” she explained.

UNYPAD National President, Dr. Rahib L. Kudto was also in the program to deliver his message of support.

“Women in Islam are empowered. There’s always a need of combination of the women and men in establishing a progressive community,” he said.

Sheik Abdulmonaim Kudto, Member of Committee on Da’wah Liguasan Province SWC-MILF delivered his topic about the Fadilatu Ramadhan and it’s significance.

The lecturer highlighted most of the wisdom brought by the month Ramadhan.

“Ramadhan give us hope, blessings and reminds us to elevate our faith in terms of patience and obedience to Him,” he said.

Alimah Aida Said, Committee on Da’wah-vice Chairperson of Ligawasan Province, shared her knowledge on the role of women in Islam.

She emphasized, “We, women have vital role in Islam in building nation. We, are the role model of our children and sisters, the light of hope, and adviser of men.”

“And as to this, we are always obliged preserve our dignity and integrity as an aspiring Muslimah,” she added.

“Ditano lipatanan so isa a kadtalo sa, so sakataw a babay a mapia aniya labi e kapia nin kano sangibo (1000) a mama a dili pagagama (We should not forget a saying which states that a single pious women is far much better than a thousand men who are not practicing Islamic faith,” she underscored.

The WAC NCC-II extended its gratitude to the participants and attendees. It also looked forward for more similar activities to be conducted in the future.