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UNYPAD- Palimbang Chapter, Muslim org hold Ramadhan Islamic Symposium

By: Marhomzar U. Ubpon

PALIMBANG, Sultan Kudarat (May 8, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Palimbang Chapter together with Masjid Pusaka sa Biwang Jama’ah Association held on Wednesday in this town an Islamic Symposium in pursuit of seeking rewards from Allah (swt) by imparting knowledge on Islam to fellow Muslims.

Organizers, which included its provincial chapter, conducted the activity to propagate Islamic values, unity, correction of Aqeedah, and understanding of various significant jurisprudence and tenets of Islam especially among the Muslim youth.

Dr. Yusoph S. Adzaman, the Division Chief for Education and Extension under the Office of the Chief Minister of BARRM, expressed his impression to the activity which he described as “historic event” seeing audiences listening attentively to the speakers.

The enthusiasm to learn among the participants prolonged the open forum session which seemed that they did not want the program to end immediately.

Speakers Sheikh Dr. No’man Abdul Aziz and Sheikh Mahir AbdulKahar Halil of the group Qawafil Al-Falah discussed Tarbiyyah and the essence of the last 10th days of Ramadhan respectively.

The two Islamic missionaries were much-sought as speakers since the start of Ramadhan. They granted invitations to various Islamic symposium in Palimbang and nearby Muslim communities.

Officers of UNYPAD Palimbang Chapter and its Addawato Annisa’iyyah Committe (DAC) expressed gratitude to their partner, Masjid Pusaka sa Biwang Jama’ah Association, for helping in the conduct of the symposium.
They also thanked the elders of community, Barangay Chairman Mordan L. Taya, Prof. Samsudin L. Taya and other stakeholders who supported the activity.

UNYPAD Palimbang Chapter Chairman Rakman Mangulamas commended the efforts of the UNYPAD Sultan Kudarat Provincial Chapter Cluster II officers and their chapter members for the success of the activity.

“We did our best towards attaining a noble purpose, surely a great rewards from the Almighty await us as we did it during this blessed month of Ramadhan,” Mangulams said.

“The symposium is nevertheless one of the engaging and moving endeavors for it supersedes the essence of just sitting and listening among the crowd for their words and wisdoms from Qur’an and Hadith imparted were more than what are expecting in the activity,” a participant remarked.

Together with its provincial chapter, UNYPAD Palimbang has been engaged in holding Islamic symposium in different Muslim communities of town this Ramadhan.