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UNYPAD SK conducts Islamic Symposium

By: Matabai B. Mapandi

ISULAN, Sultan Kudarat (May 17, 2021) – the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) – Sultan Kudarat conducted Islamic Symposium last May 6, 2021 at SPII Compound, Barangay Kalawag 2, this town.

The said symposium was aimed to strengthen and enlighten more Muslims on the significance of Ramadhan as well as the observation of the Laylatul Qadr or the Night of Power that is expected to come once a year and only in the month of Ramadhan.

Hundreds of Muslims from different barangays of Isulan attended the symposium.
Organizers invited distinguished speakers to impart with the audiences their knowledge about the month of fasting.

Ustadz Abdulwahid Balak discussed the significance of Ramadhan highlighting the virtues of fasting that include patience, unity and caring those in needs.
“Di tanu bu gagedam sa mapayag na bagenggan tanu nu Ramadhan sa moral lesson makipantag sa simba sa kadnan (We may not be aware of the moral lesson Ramadhan, worship to the Almighty, this Ramadhan brings to us),” Ustadz Balak underscored.
Ustadz Abdulkadir Saluwang Balabadan shared further knowledge on five pillars of Islam particularly on giving of Zakatul Amwal and Zakatul Fitr.

On the other hand, Ustadz Anwarudin Talusan explained the importance of learning Islamic teaching from Islamic scholars.
He further emphasized the rising of fanaticism on famous Aleem.

“Dikena nya importante e idolism uged nya importante na pamandu na Islam a sya pakaukit Kanu namegkakataw (Idolism is not important, what is important is the teaching of Islam coming from the learned ones),” he said.

The last speaker, Ustadz Abdulrahem Halid Balabadan, discussed the things that need to be accomplished thru the teachings of this holy month of Ramadhan.

“Barakat su ramadhan, na nya pedtusan sa kabarakat nin sya kanu manusya na amayka makanggulalan su simba e penggalbek nu manusya kanu timpo na Ramadhan (Ramadhan is blessed and it is manifested by the acts of worship of the faithful men during this holy month),” he said.