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UNYPAD – NCCII holds a writers meeting

By: Jomar M. Marquez

PIKIT, Cotabato Province (Aug 11, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)- North Cotabato Cluster II (NCCII) Committee on Research and Information held a meeting last August 07, 2021 at UNYPAD Sub- office at Batulawan, Pikit to discuss issues and concerns faced by the committee and address those.

Writers from different municipal chapters of the organization under NCCII attended the activity.

Badrodin Mamendig, UNYPAD- NCCII Vice Chairman for Internal Affairs, reminded everyone on the importance of being part of the team. He cited the essence of teamwork in attaining the goals of the organization.

“You as a writers have the biggest role to play especially when it comes to activity documentation and publishing in order to amplify the organizational programs and activities,” he emphasized.

One of the agenda of the meeting was the writers’ update which included the number of published articles, challenges being faced by the writers, refresher activity and recruitment of new writers and videographer.

They also discussed the mechanisms on how to improve data banking and the importance for the organization of having a databank if information.

In his updates, Rahim M. Lasak, UNYPAD NCCII Provincial Editor said there were a total of 72 articles published and 24 unpublished articles from September 2020 to June 2021.

Annie Udil, one of the writers of the organization, shared the challenges she encountered saying, “Sometimes I find it hard in transitioning the content of my write ups but anyway I am still in the process of honing my skills in writings.”

Mr. Lasak, gave tips concerning on the challenges encountered by the writers. “When it comes to transitioning the paragraph and other major concern on your write ups just focus on content formation of the article, follow the basic that is to include only the essential information in your articles.”

Ustadz Hamsa Landayan, UNYPAD NCCII Chairman, personally attended the meeting to show his support to the team. He urged the participants to continue doing their respective tasks in the service of the Bangsamoro people.
Organizers reminded the participants to heed the health protocols in gatherings to avoid the spread of the dreaded corona virus.