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UNYPAD Kraan Chapter holds Islamic symposium

PALIMBANG, Sultan Kudarat – (August 30, 2021) – The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Kraan Chapter, one of the chapters of Sultan Kudarat Provincial Chapter Cluster II held Islamic Symposium at Madrasah Al-Usrah Islamiyya on Thursday, August 26, 2021, Barangay Kraan in this town.

The activity was conducted to keep the fervor of the officers and members of organization and to continuously capacitate and keep them reminded of the importance applying Islamic leadership with its concepts, characteristics, and its historical background pondered in the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Officers and members of UNYPAD Maganao chapter, students of Markadz Ummo Abdullah, some parents in the nearby communities and the chairman of Madrasah Bakak Tuanadatu attended the said symposium.

Chairman of Biwang Da’wah and Masajid Affairs Committee Ustadz Alimudin Halil gave an inspirational message.

Ustadz Maher Halil tackled the topic “The Roles of Youth and Qualifications of Leaders in Islam.” He enumerated the necessary attitude, character, skills, posture, and empathy of being a great leader in reference to what Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) has shown and as the paramount role model for all Muslims.

He also explained the roles of women in nation-building and the dynamics to where women can contribute to the actions or endeavors of men in the society.

Ustadz Maher Halil also made example of the situations in the BARMM leadership, especially the promotion of Moral Governance through the leadership of Ahod Balawag Murad Al-Hajj.
He cited, “A great leader shall not only made actions solely of himself, but it shall acquire advices from colleagues, friends, and subordinate and most especially to learned Muslims who possesses wisdom of Islam.”

Moreover, he explicitly said that “A sound and just judgement can be attained if you surround yourself with good people, just Like the leadership of Chairman Alhaj Murad where he has so many Ulama in his side to give guidance and advices pertaining to governing and taking decisions.”

Ustadz Hamsa Kapina underscored the importance of performing Salah, its benefits and rewards from the Almighty Creator (Allah). He said that “Salah is indispensable to anyone and it cannot be inseparable to every actions of Muslims.”

According to Alibay Balongay, Sakabay T. Alamada, Noraisa P. Mosadi and among others said that, due to the limited time, “Sana magkaroon pa ulit ng ganitong programa upang madagdagan pa at mas lalong mapagtibay pa namin ang mga kaalaman patungkol sa Islam (We hope there will be program like this so that our knowledge on Islam will increase).”