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New breed of young Moro writers join Training-Workshop on News Writing and Video Journalism

By: Lamra D. Zacaria

PAGALUNGAN, Maguindanao (Sept. 5, 2021) – A pool of new breed of young Moro writers joined in the Training-Workshop on News Writing and Video Journalism held on September 3-5, 2021 at Datu Alimot Elementary School, Galakit, in this town.

The activity, themed, “GOOD WITH WORDS: A Refresher Course for UNYPAD NCCII New Breed of Writers,” was spearheaded by Committee on Research and Information with the collaboration of Committee on Campaign and Advocacy.

Around 25 participants from different municipal chapters attended the said training-workshop which aims to recruits and capacitate new breed of writers and videographers to improve their competence in doing their function on program documentations and publishing.
Abdulnasser A. Andik and Jihad G. Mandi showed their expertise and imparted their experience-based learning on the delivery of different techniques and strategies in both news writing and video making.

“We will assures you that after this training-workshop, as you go back to your respective areas/chapters you will be able to write your own news articles and can be able to make documentary videos, Mr. Andik assured.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mandi introduced several workshop and contest on photo shots, angling and video making that ignites participant participations as they are required to present their outputs.
UNYPAD General Secretary Yusoph Lumambas and Mr. Nasrullah M.Abdullah, Secretary on Campaign and Advocacy personally oriented the participants with the proper uses of social media and The Moro Millenea, the UNYPAD’s official publication.

“You can contribute and influence others through your writings and videos, therefore be good and responsible in your outputs,” Abdullah said.

Ms Norajean Abid, one of the participants, conveyed in her message how grateful she was being one of the participants.
Personally, I am very thankful because you allowed us to become part of this training-workshop. We learn so much and really enjoyed the 3-days of staying here,” she said.

The UNYPAD President, Dr Rahib L. Kudto personally congratulated the participants and the organizers.

“We are extending our deepest congratulation to all of you who participated this workshop and we are also hoping that you will always put into practice what you have learned from this 3-days tarining-workshop and continuously find ways to developed it so that it will be beneficial for you and for the organization,” Kudto emphasized.

Hamsa G. Landayan, UNYPAD NCCII Chairman and Chairwoman Nida Makatabang along with other UNYPAD NCCII provincial officers were also in the program to help supervise the activity.