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UNYPAD Takepan-Kalakacan Chapter conducts “Kumustahan sa Barangay”

By: Junaiza M. Pagagao

PIKIT, North Cotabato (Sept 27, 2021) The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II Takepan-Kalakacan Chapter conducted Kumustahan sa Baranggay last Saturday, September 25, 2021, held at Madrasah Ayunan, Takepan, this town.

It was administered by UNYPAD National, Provincial, Municipal and Barangay officers.

On his rationale, Abdulnasser Andik, member of Committee on Research and Information, stated that the program’s main goal is to provide updates on the chapter, strengthen its structure and address the basic issues that the chapters were facing including issues in the communities.

Norodin Tantong, Chairman of Political Committee of Bario Ayunan, gave his message of support on the activity saying, “UNYPAD is one of a large youth organization and most active nowadays that helps individuals become participative and pro-active in advancing individuals to become peace-builders and developers of the community.”

Abdulsatar Guiamaludin, member of Dawah and Education Committee of Pikit Chapter, imparted his knowledge on the Islamic perspective on the importance of unity.

During the Kumustahan session, the chairman of the chapter mentioned the usual challenges and problems they face in the chapter.

“We are facing challenges in our chapter. We need your help to activate some members of our chapter,” he pointed out and added, “Please teach us about your strategies and techniques in organizing people.”

UNYPAD National President Rahib L. Kudto PhD who was also present in the program shared the three basic steps to attain the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization.

“In the organization, one should always be reminded with these three basic foundation in attaining its VMGO. These are coming together, keeping together, and lastly working together, and when these three are established then you’ll see successes,” he reminded.

The chapter is looking for immediate activity that will capacitate and develop the skills of its officers and members for the sake of their community and the whole Bangsamoro people.