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“Kumustahan sa Barangay Program” features UNYPAD- Tapodoc Chapter theater actors ALEOSAN, Cotabato Province

By: Jomar Marquez

Aleosan Cotabato (Oct. 3, 2021) — The United Youth for Peace and Development ( UNYPAD) Aleosan Chapter held its first of the series of Kumustahan sa Barangay at Barangay Tapodoc, this town, on October 01, 2021.

The activity featured the debut of the theater actors and actresses of the UNYPAD- Tapodoc Chapter, which according to Ustadz Hamsa Landayan, Chairman of the North Cotabato Cluster II (UNYPAD- NCCII), is first in the entirety of the organization.

The play entitled “Umana bu ka munot su lidu nu ginawa sa kasedep nu senang” brought tears to the audiences, as it reflects the life of the Mujahideens and their families that they left behind whenever they go into jihad.

“I can relate to the presentation, we all can. One way or another, we heard stories, or even, become part it, when we talk about the struggles that our ancestors went through,” Chairman Landayan said.

He also pointed out that the official publication of the organization, The Moro Mellinia, is also into this kind of talents, and that he himself, will make it a point in the publication, to consider including these talents into the contents they are making.

Inactive members, communication gaps, and strengthening the participation of every members of UNYPAD- Tapodoc Chapter, were some of the concerns raised during the Kumustahan proper.

Provincial and municipal officers including those from other barangay chapters were also present during the activity to show their support.

Badrudin Mamendig, UNYPAD Provincial Vice- Chairman for Internal Affairs, facilitated the Kumustahan proper.