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UNYPAD- NCCII conducts election awareness raising activity

By: Jomar Marquez

NORTH COTABATO PROVINCE (Nov 3, 2021) —The United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)- North Cotabato Cluster II (NCCII) held an activity dubbed as “Advocacy on Responsible UNYPAD” at Datu Alimot Elementary School, Galakit, Pagalungan, Maguindanao on October 23, 2021.

Spearheaded by the Committee on Campaign and Advocacy, in collaboration with the Committee on Research and Information, it aimed to centralize the stand of the organization in the upcoming elections.

The activity was anchored on the theme “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” “The organization will remain non- partisan,” Yusoph Lumambas, Secretary General of UNYPAD National underscored.

He added, “Bypassing the guidelines will result into sanction for the member, unless the higher ranking officers of the organization is consulted.”

The secretary-general also said that the reason for having the guidelines is to protect and defend UNYPAD, thus, maintaining its credibility as a youth organization.

Sheikh Yaser Abdulwahab, a graduate of University of Mutah in Jordan and a member of the Da’wah and Education Committee, talked about the election in Islamic perspective.
“An Islam leader always see to it that in every step he takes, he looks back on the people he is leading,” he said.

“The criteria in choosing a leader are: first, we should know his background; second, if he/ she is a man of religion; and third, his development,” Abdulwahab shared.

Dr Rahib L. Kudto, UNYPAD National President, presented the organization’s perspective on the peace process.”

“Negotiation is the democratic way of solving a problem. It is a ‘give and take’ process,” he explained.

The UNYPAD head also reminded the members of the organization that the UNYPAD, through some of its higher ranking members, has become part of the GPH- MILF Third Party Monitoring Team (TPMT).

The UNYPAD- NCCII is one of the divisions of the organization in the province consists of municipalities of Datu Montawal, Pagalungan, Pikit, and Aleosan. The cluster is headed by Chairman Hamsa G. Landayan.

“Advocacy on Responsible UNYPAD, ” is one of the activities being conducted by UNYPAD- NCCII.

It also conducts “Kumustahan sa Barangay” activity aimed to strengthen the organization by strengthening connection between the national and provincial chapters.