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UNYPAD Buliok chapter conducts “Kumustahan sa Barangay”

By: Taya P. Adam

PAGALUNGAN, Maguindanao (December 19, 2021) — The United Youth For Peace and Development (UNYPAD) North Cotabato Cluster II (NCC-II) Buliok, Pagalungan chapter conducted Kumustahan sa Barangay Program with the theme “Bangsamoro Youth Leaders’ Generation: UNYPAD NCC-Il Kapamagadaya sa Kasampay sa Tedto a Kalilintad endu Kagkapya” supervised by the national executive officials headed by the Vice-President for Internal Affairs Tu Alfonso.

The program was held at Mahad Buliok 1, Pagalungan, Maguindanao on December 15, 2021 participated by 70 Muslim youth coming from seven Sitios of the said barangay.

In his rationale, Muhammad D. Abas, Chairman of UNYPAD-Pagalungan, elaborated that the objectives of the program were to visit the members of each chapters, strengthen the relationship of the organized barangay chapter and give updates on the status of BARMM.

“You fail if you join UNYPAD with hidden self-interest but if you join this organization to help better the condition of the youth then you will be a successful person. Youth is the heart of community,” said Fahad Mokalam, Pagalungan Chapter Vice Chairman for External Affairs who imparted Islamic Orientation.

“This program of UNYPAD NCCII is very unique and has deep meaning. We give updates on you and of course visit you even if it is very challenging to reach your place,” Tu Alfonso, Vice President for Internal Affairs said.

Saadah Sampayan, UNYPAD National Vice-Chairwoman for Internal Affairs, discussed the role of the Women Affairs Committee in the organization and to the community.

“Women is the half of society. Men is the protector of women,” she added
The officers and members of UNYPAD Buliok chapter were very thankful for the presence of the national, provincial and municipal officials in the event.

They also were looking forward for their next activity as soon as possible.