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“UNYPAD is a partner in conflict resolution and resolving social problems”- President Rahib Kudto

By: Omar A. Mohamad

PIKIT, North Cotabato (April 12, 2022) – The National President of United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) Dr. Rahib L. Kudto said in his message that UNYPAD is a partner in conflict resolution and resolving social problems in community during the Ramadhan Grand Peace Symposium held at Batuwalan, this town on April 7, 2022.

The UNYPAD head reiterated the role of UNYPAD in peacebuilding as partner of the security sector in attaining and sustaining long lasting peace in the country.

“No members of UNYPAD were involved in any criminalities such as rido, illegal drugs, shooting incidents and carnapping, otherwise they would be suspended as a consequence of any involvement in any of the enumerated problems,” Kudto said.

He guaranteed that all members of the UNYPAD are not involved in any kinds of criminalities.

Together with the Chairwoman of Women Affairs of Committee (WAC) Baisanie G. Macabuat, MPA, Kudto graced the Ramadhan Grand Peace Symposium with the theme, “Optimizing the holy Month of Ramadhan through spiritual upbringing and socio-political understanding.”

It was spearheaded by Committee on Da’wah and Education of UNYPAD North Cotabato Cluster–II provincial chapter in collaboration with the Muslim Teachers Association in Pikit Cluster 1 A & B.

Kudto, one of the members of the highest mechanism of GPH-MILF peace process, the Third Party Monitoring Team (TPMT), highlighted the importance and necessity of BARMM on having its own regional police force.

“But the issue on policing until today was not discussed thoroughly and was not translated into law making it a key challenge of GPH-MILF in achieving sustainable peace”, he explained.

Kudto also highlighted the essential role of the peace agreement in resolving the Bangsamoro question citing “Peace agreement is the cornerstone of peace situation in Mindanao.”

Aside from conveying the messages of Ramadhan, the activity provided an opportunity to educate the public on the progress of the GPH-MILF peace agreement and the peace and order situation of Pikit.

Bai Bailana S. Matalam, Barangay Chairwoman of Batulawan, during her welcome address lamented how her village is being portrayed as number one sanctuary of criminals in the province of Cotabato.

She urged her residents to work hand in hand with the barangay government to help in fixing the problem.

“I felt ashamed if there is a discussion about the criminalities especially illegal drugs, Batulawan always being put in to a peak, red mark,” she said.

The lady village chief added, “Sometimes it hurts me a lot as a mother of this place”
PCPL Abdurahman M. Butang, representing PMAJ Maxim V. Peralta, Police Chief of Pikit, gave some updates on the main problems on peace and order of the town.

“Rido (family feuds), illegal drugs, shooting incidents and carnapping are among the top list recorded criminal cases in Pikit,” he revealed.

Butang appealed to the participants and the community in general to help them resolve the above-mentioned social problems.

“We urged you and the community to assist and cooperate with us because the Pikit PNP is only relying on your support,” he added.

Shiekh Nasrudin Musa, national staff of UNYPAD Committee on Da’wah and Education, underscored the value of being good Muslim in helping resolve all aspects of societal problems.

“We can’t resolve the social problem in our society unless each one of you will become practicing Muslim,”Shiekh Musa claimed.

Baisanie J. Macabuat and Vice Chairwoman of provincial Da’wah of Ligawasan-MILF Ustaza Saguira Abubakar reminded the participants about the vital role of women in peacebuilding,
They underscored that the women are partners of the men in planning and establishing peaceful environment through mirroring the Islamic identity, educating youths, doing proper child raising, continuing support for women empowerment and sustaining their efforts in uplifting the economic status of the every household in the Bangsamoro region.

Among the dignitaries present during the events were the National Vice Chairwoman of WAC Bai Saada Sampayan, Chairman of NCC-II Ustadz Hamsa G. Landayan and WAC Chairwoman of NCC-II, Nida Macatabang and all school heads of Pikit Cluster 1 A & B.