Action Against Hunger, UNYPAD-RANAO distribute non- food items for displaced families in Marawi

By:  UNYPAD ComTeam

COTABATO CITY/ November 4 – The displaced families from the war-torn Marawi City who took refuge in the two municipalities of Lanao del Sur received Non-Food Items (NFI) distributed by the Action Against Hunger (AAH) together with the Marawi-based United Youth or Peace and Development – Relief Assistants of Network and Organization (UNYPAD-RANAO) on October 30 and 31, 2017.

The distributions were held in the municipalities of Mulondo and Poona Bayabao, two of the five selected recipient towns of the project entitled “Emergency Basic Services Intervention to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) affected by Conflict in Marawi.”

Mulondo and Poona Bayabao were identified after the rapid assessment conducted at the 15 municipalities in eastern and southern parts of Lake Lanao.

Eight hundred six (806) households of IDPs had received the said relief goods which included bath soap, laundry soap, tooth paste, plastic pail, plastic dipper, bath towel, nail cutter, jerry can, shampoo, potty pon, tube skirt or Malong, napkin, comb, diapers, alcohol, eco bag with zipper, aluminum frying fan, aluminum pot, aluminum spoon, aluminum fork, plastic drinking glass, plastic plate, plastic mat, blanket and plastic storage box.

Each household beneficiary received more or less 5,000 pesos worth of NFI.

The local government units (LGUs) officials of the said municipalities had expressed their thanks and appreciations to the unconditional supports given to the IDPs by the said humanitarian organizations.

The organizers of the distribution saw the happiness in the faces of the beneficiaries who were displaced in isolated places for five months. It was their first time to receive such kind of support.

The IDPs disclosed that several organizations have been conducting assessment in their areas yet there was no positive response due to the accessibility and security reasons.

The humanitarian team were overwhelmed for the successful distribution seeing how grateful the IDPs were for the assistance extended.

Community Development Officer Amerah Mangacop said, “It is unexpected results due to the many challenges and other risk assumption on political context and geographical location on that said area.”

“Distance and accessibility, security and community participation were the most encountered challenges, but despite of that, through proper coordination, willingness and strong determination of the AAH and UNYPAD to extend support, it ultimately made distribution smooth and successful,” Mangacop said.

Daisy Hapay, a WASH program manager of AAH, said she is looking forward that the next distribution and implementation of shelter and water facilities of remaining municipalities will be the same, very successful and peaceful.

“Our remaining NFI yet to be distributed will be more or less 1,300 kitchen items and more or less 3,000 hygiene and dignity kit for women and 465 households for shelters and WASH facilities,” Hapay revealed.

Ansary Diamaoden, the Executive Director of UNYPAD-RANAO, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the supports of the AAH as partner for emergency response project targeting isolated IDPs in eastern Lake Lanao.

He also conveyed his appreciation to the full support and participation of the LGU officials that made the program successful.

The team concluded in assessment meeting that distribution has a good sign and indication that it achieved the goals and objectives of the project. There was no major problem encountered, however there are few weaknesses noted which are needed to be developed.

Yusoph S. Lumambas, the project coordinator had assured to the partner that the good work performance of his staff namely: Al-haya Basher, Nadjmaliah Diamaoden, Jehan Macapanton, Asmiah Paudac and Norhaima Tomara, all are residents of Marawi City, will be maintained

The partnership between the two organizations started since 2000 during the all-out war of the former President Joseph Estrada, the 2003 all out peace of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the failure of Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) in 2008 that caused displacement to almost a millions of people in Mindanao.

The engagement between AAH and UNYPAD ended in 2012, however it was revived this year due to the call of situation, particularly in responding to the needs of IDPs from Marawi.






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