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  • PEACE is doable...
    the path towards JUST DEVELOPMENT.

United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. is a member and affiliated with the following organizations and associations.

  • Mindanao People’s Caucus (MPC)
  • Bantay Ceasefire (BC)
  • Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society (CBCS)
  • Tiyakap Ko Kalilintad or Care for Peace ( TKK)
  • Kutawato Coalition of Development NGOs (KCODE)
  • Mindanao Emergency Response Network (MERN)
  • World Religion of Peace (WRP)
  • GPAC
  • Waging Peace Philippines (WPP)
  • Generation Peace Network (GPN)
  • Mindanao Solidarity Network (MSN)
  • Child Protection Network (CPN)
  • Mindanao Child Protection Network (MCPN)