Bangsamoro in Quezon City holds Ramadhan Symposium

Bangsamoro in Quezon City holds Ramadhan Symposium

July 16, 2013: The Moro (of different tribes) from Salam Compound, Culiat, Tandang Sora; Garcia Muslim Community in Luzon Avenue, Quezon City, and Baseco of Manila City crowded the Salam Compound at Culiat in the first grand Ramadhan symposium conducted on July 7, which was jointly organized by the UNYPAD Quezon City Chapter, FilMus Women Inc., Organization of Maguindanaon Inc. (OMI), Upakat Inc., Muslim Youth Brother Hood (MYB), and the Salam Brotherhood Riders Club (SBRC) with active support from the Moro community of Quezon City. 

The program was attended by hundreds of participants from Maguindanaon, Maranao, Iranon, Tausog, and Yakan tribes. There are Reverts to Islam who joined the affair.

The organizers said that the objective of the program is to strengthen the camaraderie of Moro tribes in Quezon City towards unity and peace by understanding the essence of the holy month of Ramadhan.

The invocation through reading of some verses from the holy Qur’an was delivered by Ustadz Nasser Kalim, President of the MYB.

OMI President Norsie Mendog welcomed the participants and extended his thanks to the different Moro tribes who attended the program.

Among other invited guest speakers was the former Secretary of the Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA), Commissioner Hon. Bai Omera D. Dianalan-Lucman, currently commissioner of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF).

“Comm. Lucman was impressed by the output of the community efforts in uniting themselves in the name of Islam,” said Badrudin Ali, Chapter Secretary of UNYPAD National Capital Region.

In her inspirational message, Lucman said: “Unity is the best way to achieve Peace.”

The assigned speakers in the morning presentation were: Sheik Muhammad Cana, who belongs to Maguindanaon tribe, and discussed the ‘Fadaa-ilus Salaah’; Sheik Haron Angnie, a Maranao, discussed the ‘Fadaa-ilul Ramadhan’; and   Aleem Yunos Abdulmuin, who present topic ‘Significant of Ramadhan.’

The afternoon session was opened up with a reading of verses from the holy Qur’an, which was given by Ustadza Nor-ain Ishaq, who was the Luzon representative to “39th National Qur’an Reading Competition” held at the University of the Philippines last May 25, 2013.

The resource person in the afternoon program was Sheik Abdul Maula Tuwa, who presented the ‘Ahammiyyatus Shari’ah’ topic.

Sheik Badrodin Ambolodto recapped all the topics presented.

Hadja Bai Noria Sambutuan, a village women leader, said that she was overwhelmed by the success of the program. She had thanked all the organizations behind the activity, and the participants.

According to Badrudin Ali, there are more programs to be facilitated by their chapter (in the Moro communities in Metro Manila) in the mid of Ramadhan. (UNYPAD News)