Call for continuing support to the Peace Process beyond the signing of annex on Normalization

call for support

The signing of the annex on normalization is a very important milestone in the on-going GPH-MILF peace process. It is an initial victory of the peace process vis-a-vis the hard bargaining and dragging negotiations. The annex on normalization contains the core roadmap of transforming violence into peace and development.

We at CBCS commend the joint efforts of the GPH and the MILF for their commitment and strong determination to reach a consensus to finally sign the last annex.

We likewise express our most sincere appreciation to those who threw and are continuously extending their all-out-support to the on-going process.

Cognizant of the great challenges ahead, we commit ourselves to accompany the peace process until peace is finally attained in the transition and beyond.

As the negotiation is entering another milestone, we call for all and sundry to sustain their support to the on-going peace process beyond the signing of the annex on normalization.  Lest we forget, there are more challenging steps still ahead. The signing of the annex on normalization paves the way to the job of drafting the content of the comprehensive political agreement which will serve as the basis of the Bangsamoro basic law.

We call upon all the sectors of society to provide the on-going peace process the maximum chance and opportunity to finish the job even as we exercise our democratic rights to be heard.  Let us offer them conducive political climate as they are about to wrap up the peace negotiation justly and rightly to its final conclusion.

We call upon the Bangsamoro, armed and unarmed groups, our political leaders, the religious sector, academe and professionals and the masses to work together in solidarity for the sake of Peace in the Bangsamoro.

The way to human security in the Bangsamoro is the unity and solidarity of the Bangsamoro themselves.


Bobby Benito