CCSPC-CD 2016 interns turn-over 2 organized chapters in Cotabato City

CCSPC-CD 2016 interns turn-over 2 organized chapters in Cotabato City

By Abu Jalil Aiman

Cotabato city (March 27, 2016) – On March 24, 2016, twenty two (22) Cotabato City State Polytechnic College-BS Community Development (CCSPC-CD) interns turned-over 2 organized chapters in Cotabato city as part of the requirements for their internship at the Office of United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD).

The organized chapters are the school-based in CCSPC and the community-based in Barangay Malagapas, Cotabato city.

In a brief ceremony, Bailyn Samad and Normina Sandigan were presented the officers of the said organized chapters.   Their accomplishment reports were also submitted with Mohamiden Solaiman’s acceptance message as chairman of UNYPAD-Cotabato City chapter.

Solaiman told members of the newly organized chapters that leadership is in their hands and it depends on them on how the new chapters can move forward. “You can initiate the conduct of activities but just coordinate with us here because you can’t work anymore if you remain dependent on us”, he said.

Norhana Abas who spoke on behalf of the CCSPC chapter said, “Even though I am not yet very familiar about UNYPAD but I am so glad to join after knowing that UNYPAD is a peace and development institution, since peace is everybody’s wishes.

Mary Rose Alang, one of the interns said, “I know na hindi tayo magsisi as member of UNYPAD because as per our experience here in UNYPAD they were very helpful to us as new community workers.  I am very sure that the knowledge we learned here will make us worthy people and if Allah wills, it is our gateway to paradise”.

Mickael Abas, leader of the interns said that joining the UNYPAD is a challenge to neophyte officers. He stressed that as leader we are bound to establish good relationship with the people rather than imposing power and authority over them.  Leader must be fair in dealing with the people”, he said.

The turn over ceremony were attended by National officers of UNYPAD Mocsin Pada and Saidon Lawan led by its Secretary General Yusoph S. Lumambas and WAC officers Farida Dalandan, Saada Sampayan led by Chairwoman Baisanie Macabuat and the Chairman of UNYPAD-Cotabato City chapter Mohamiden Solaiman.