Engineer Saidona Lawan returns home

By: Baisanie Macabuat

COTABATO CITY/ November 30, 2018 – Engineer Saidona Lawan, UNYPAD Maguindanao 2 Chapter Secretary, is now back home carrying with him his Diploma for Master’s Degree of Engineering major in Architecture after two (2) years of stay for master’s study at the Hiroshima University in Japan. He received his diploma on September 20, 2018.

Datuan Magon, UNYPAD’s spokesperson, said that after a week, Saidona proceeded to the Office of the UNYPAD President Dr. Rahib Kudto to officially inform him that he is already back home and ready to carry out any task and responsibility from the organization.

He disclosed that Saidona’s Thesis about the “Bangsamoro Housing Design and Rehabilitation” has already been presented to the officials of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) and be presented in the organization’s Executive Council Members.

Asked about his feelings after surviving challenges, Saidona said, “I am so happy for having been triumphant in my study as it has never been in my wildest dream could I receive Diploma from the prestigious International University.”

“I am now returning back to my organization ‘UNYPAD’ so that the knowledge I acquired will be used for the attainment of organization’s goals and, most importantly, for the collective interest of the Bangsamoro people,” Saidona added.

He thanked the UNYPAD and BDA leaderships for recommending him for this scholarship program. He is also very thankful for Japan International Educational Center (JICE) for accommodating him, and for all the supports extended.

“What only worries me is that the inclusion of the Bangsamoro for this program has already been closed,” he pointed out.

“I hope JICE will still continue this program in the Bangsamoro so that those who can qualify and at the same time deserving can still avail of this educational opportunity as this is absolutely needed in the Bangsamoro,” he added.

Magon said that Saidona is one of the senior officers of the UNYPAD, and the leadership is looking at the possibility of offering him a national position at the national chapter.

Engineer Saidona is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering at the Mindanao State University, Dalican, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

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