Inducted Lambayong municipal chapter officers pledged commitment to UNYPAD

By: UNYPAD ComTeam

ISULAN, SULTAN KUDARAT/April 27, 2018 – The newly inducted chapter officers and members of UNYPAD in Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat, had pledged their commitment of support for the realization of the organization’s vision and mission during induction ceremony held at Lambayong National High School, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat last April 21, 2018.

UNYPAD Lambayong Chapter officers are Zaiden S. Matula as Municipal Chairman, Zailon Umpay as Municipal Vice Chairman for Internal Affairs, Samer Utto as Vice Chairman for External Affairs and Mohamid L. Mokalam as Municipal Chapter Secretary.

Different committees were also organized such as: (a) Committee on Da’wah and Education composed of Shalali Salilama, Bayan Kalipa and Abdulsalam Salapandia; (b) Committee on Campaign and Advocacy composed of Aron Tuwa and Saiden Sansawi; (c)  Committee on Research and Information Development composed of John Anthony M. Banto and Mohasid U. Guiapal; (d) Committee on Health and Disaster Management composed of Rahman D. Khalid and Nasser P. Lidasan; (e) Committee on Rehabilitation and Development composed of Badrudin Abdul, SahidMokalam and Rahim Sandalan; and (f) Committee on Environment & Natural Resources composed of Raffy Ukom and Haron Amolan.

Also inducted as Chairwoman of the Women Affairs Commitee (WAC) was Naima Utap.

Mr. Datuan M. Magon of UNYPAD National and Ustadz Ibrahim S. Nor, the UNYPAD Sultan Kudarat Chapter provincial chairman confirmed the new officers of the said chapter.

Abdulrasid C. Midzapak, Provincial Secretary of UNYPAD-SK presented all about UNYPAD to the officers and members of the newly organized chapter.

They were also oriented of their duties and functions in the organization and they were urged to share their efforts and time to help strengthen the chapter.

The new set of officers have agreed that their next steps will include organizing Barangay Chapters and conducting series of activities to capacitate the Muslim youth in the community.

They also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be developed as young leaders under the auspices UNYPAD national officers.

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