Maguindanao cluster-3 Provincial Chapter holds Seminar-workshop on Time Management and Community Organizing

Maguindanao cluster-3 Provincial Chapter holds Seminar-workshop on Time Management and Community Organizing

June 25, 2013: “Bangsamoro youth: promote Islamic leadership   and be at the frontline towards Peace and Development” was the theme of the two-day seminar-workshop on Time Management and Community organizing” conducted by the UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster-3 Provincial Chapter held at Barangay Poblacion, General Salipada K. Pendatun (GSKP), Maguindanao on June 15-16, 2013.

The activity was attended by the officers of the UNYPAD women affairs committee that are mostly fresh graduates with teaching profession, organization’s municipal and provincial officers, and community leaders of GSKP.

There were more than 30 individuals participated in the seminar-workshop according to the secretariat of the program.

The Provincial Chapter President of Maguindanao cluster-3 Mr. Akmad S. Musa said that the objectives of the activity are: 1) To Capacitate/empower the participants regarding the   topic presented, and 2) To re- echo to the communities what have been learned during the seminar-workshop.

“We cannot manage the time but we can manage only our work…time is just like a river, it flows to one direction and passes through the way without returning it back again,” the UNYPAD Secretary General Mr. Yusoph S. Lumambas said in his introduction (in presenting his topic).

“Time is not just gold but it is a life. Since time is life, according Islamic perspective, if we kill (waste) our time, we are not just a criminal but a murderer”, he further explained.

Mr. Lumambas wrapped up his inputs by quoting the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saying “He whose two days are equal [in accomplishments] is a sure loser.”

Among of the highlights of the workshop for Time Management was the group work enumerating the groups’ “daily routine”. Based on the result of the participants output, Mr. Lumambas said that there were still 30% spare time unutilized by the participant.

“We can use this spare time that we have in doing spiritual aspects; such as reading Qur’an, Zikir (remembrance to Allah), among other things”, Mr. Lumambas said.

The topic on Community Organizing was discussed by Tu Alid Alfonso, the National Vice President for Internal Affairs.

Mr. Alfonso had challenged the leadership of the provincial chapter officers in organizing the remaining unorganized municipalities of their chapter upon knowing that only three municipalities were organized since its establishment in January 2011 such as: GSKP, Buluan and Paglas. The municipality of Pandag, Paglat, and Mangudadatu were not yet organized.

Replying the challenge, the GSKP municipal chapter President Mr. Norodin Abdulatip said, “We will find ways to organize the remaining three municipalities.”

The participants are very thankful to the UNYPAD National Chapter especially to the facilitators/resource persons in sharing their knowledge on the topic presented and the sacrifices.

“My commitment to the UNYPAD is to urge my sons and daughters to become members of our organization because I strongly believe that there is a good leadership in this organization and you can see in it the prospect future leaders of our community,” Ustadz Muslimen Kumam said in his closing remark.

The main facilitators of the activity are Mr. Lumambas, Mr. Alfonso, Mr. Abdulatip, Mr. Musa, Mr. Abubakar “Buby” Abdullah, and Mr. Haron Abpet. (UNYPAD News)