Maranao Youth in Lanao Coastal areas pledge loyalty on UNYPAD

By: UNYPAD ComTeam

MALABANG, Lanao del Sur/ January 11 – Maranao youth coming from six coastal municipalities of Lanao del Sur pledged loyalty to the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) during the oath taking and induction ceremony on Tuesday, December 26 held at the Sultan Amer M. Balindong Gymnasium, Malabang, Lanao del Sur.

The newly appointed officers of UNYPAD Lanao Coastal Provincial Chapter, coming from the towns of Malabang, Balabagan, Kapatagan, Marogong, Calanogas, and Picong, vowed to adhere to the mission of the organization and give their share particularly in youth empowerment towards the realization of the Bangsamoro aspirations.

Omair Saripada, Provincial chapter chairman of Lanao Coastal said that there are hundreds of his officers who partook in the ceremony which has a theme “Empowering Youth for Sustainable and Effective Leaders for tomorrow”.

Saripada was really amazed to the full support of the UNYPAD national on the said activity.

He also emphasized that giving up the responsibilities assigned to them never crossed their minds. “Our inactiveness in the past years is just matters of generating powers in pursuing what has been started off by our chapters,” he said.

“Part of my duty and worship is to organize Bangsamoro youth and ensure them that they do not go astray and protect them against the influence of the terrorist group,” Saripada pointed out.

UNYPAD National President Dr. Rahib L. Kudto was the guest speaker of the said event who responsed to Saripada’s statement citing “Giving up has never been part of the Maranao’s history despite of challenges being hurdled in the operation of the Coastal Ranao Chapter.”

“At the end you are here to continue the struggle to attain real peace through peaceful means and initiatives,” he added.

Kudto was accompanied by his co-officers in the national chapter namely Tu Alid Alfonso, Yusoph S. Lumambas, Anwar Z. Saluwang, Jamer M. Guimba, Baisanie J. Macabuat, Noraida Akad, Aljumaimen Camsa. Bong Nawal and the two provincial officers of Maguindanao Cluster-1 provincial chapter Yusoph Comaguel, and Mohammad Aratuc.

The UNYPAD head also said that youth should not over expect that freedom and right of self –determination (RSD) will accurately be achieved ‘tomorrow’ because nobody can determine except Allahu subhanahu wataala.

“And the only role of the Bangsamoro people, specially youth, is to do pre-requisites and render services leading towards attaining the long and elusive aspiration which is freedom and right of self-determination,” he stressed.

“As a future leaders of the Bangsamoro people, I would like also emphasize to you the challenges of transforming from armed to political and democratic struggles. Bangsamoro could be successful on the war against enemy but in political and bureaucratic arena there might be more challenges and difficulties because this is not the role and mandate of Mujahideen in the past several decades of the struggle,’ he explained.

Kudto further elucidated, “There is contemporary approach which called ‘paradigm shift’ that needs more talented individuals, have political, economic and social expertise and with moral values to run a government.”

Ustadz Aleoden Dimaayao, discussed the topic “Building Real Muslim Youth Leaders” He enumerated the following requirements how one could become such kind: knowledge and practice (Ilmo wal amal).

He said as Muslim leader, one should set himself as example and prove his being a leader not only by expression but by action.

“We must remember that action speaks louder than words,” Dimayao reminded the Maranao youth and urged them to do community extension services.

He also warned the youth to be careful of joining any organization for them not victimized by the ISIS-inspired group which is very rampant both globally and locally.

Engineer Kamar P. Mauyag, a consultant of UNYPAD coastal Lanao gave synthesis of entire program. He also expressed his optimism on the passage of the BBL and eventually having a transitional government.

“My optimism is supported by the strong trust and conviction to the power of Almighty Creator-ALLAH.

Mauyag said he remain confident to the current administrations’ commitment to address historical injustices although he believe there are some oligarchs that might impede the implementation of Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro CAB, the peace deal that supposedly bring lasting peace in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, UNYPAD M’lang Municipal Chapter under the North Cotabato Cluster 3 held their orientation on newly recruited members held on January 1, 2018 at Barangay Dungguan, Mlang, Cotabato.

The Cluster 3 officers fully supported the activity headed by its Provincial chairman Gutierez Lumenda.

Mohidin Ali, a chairman of UNYPAD M’lang chapter expressed his thanks and gratitude to the presence of the Barangay, Municipal, Provincial and National officers of UNYPAD. He committed himself to continuously share his time, wealth and the knowledge for the benefits of the Bangsamoro youth in general.

Tu Alfonso, Vice President of UNYPAD National, gave updates on the status of UNYPAD, its challenges and opportunities while Yusoph S Lumabas Secretary General of UNYPAD briefly discussed politically and spiritually motivation of the UNYPAD’s growth and existence.

The team of national and provincial chapters visited Matalam chapter’s office for the quick meeting and brainstorming after the said program in M’lang.

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