Memorandum number 001 – 2016: 2016 elections policy

Memorandum number: 001 – 2016

Date: February 15, 2016

From: Office of the Secretary-General

To: All UNYPAD officers and Members

Subject: 2016 elections policy

As per Executive Council Meeting dated February 12, 2016 held at the office of the President, UNYPAD national office, RH-6, Cotabato City, it was unanimously agreed upon that the organization shall reiterate its policies in relation to elections.

In this connection, you are hereby directed to observe the following policies:

  1. All officers and members are encouraged to vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential elections as part of your rights of suffrage to choose future leaders whom you think could support the peace process in Mindanao;
  2. Any officer from national down to municipal and barangay level who will run for any position in the 2016 election must file a resignation letter upon the filing of candidacy. If he/she wins, suspension will automatically apply. National executive officers discretion to determine future status in the organization will apply to those who will lose;
  3. No officer shall serve as campaign manager of any politician, and cannot deal with anyone using the name of the organization unless he/she is authorized; and
  4. Everyone is barred from using any organization’s properties during campaign and election period unless sanctioned by the leadership.


For strict compliance:





CC: President, Vice President for Internal and External Affairs, Women Affairs Committee, Deputy Sec. Gen. for Administration, Deputy Sec. Gen. for Budget and Allocation, Committee Secretaries, Regional Coordinators, Provincial Chapters, Municipal Chapters, Barangay Chapters and School-based Chapters.


UNYPAD Memorandum 001-2016_2016 Election Policy