NCR Chapter Holds Meeting

NCR Chapter Holds Meeting

May 1, 2013: The National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter of the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) held a whole-day meeting at Salam Compound, Culiat Tandang Sora, Quezon City on April 30, 2013. The said activity was participated by more than 30 officers from Taguig, Manila and Quezon City Chapters.

The activity was divided into two parts: the morning session and the afternoon session.

Kamim Macmod, UNYPAD NCR President, disclosed that the morning session was allotted for updating and briefing on the current organization’s status which was given by Datuan M. Magon Jr., the UNYPAD Deputy – Secretary General, who just arrived from Bangkok in that day while the afternoon session was the meeting proper.

Dats Magon’s presentation was divided into four parts namely: Current updates on the GPH – MILF negotiations, his travel to Bangkok, UNYPAD status and administrative and operational guidelines and policies.

The GPH – MILF negotiations, according to Magon, is currently getting darker as the GPH panel under Meriam Coronel Ferrer seems to have failed in consolidating their position vis-à-vis the of the Comprehensive Agreement. The signing was expected to have taken place last March.

“We are doubtful of their sincerity in the talks because when we conducted rally at OPAPP office last March 20, 2013, they promised us to resume talks and sign Comprehensive Agreement immediately but until now no signing has happened on the   remaining annexes on Wealth sharing, Power sharing, and the Normalization”, he said.

“They used to invoke several reasons but we are not convinced”, he opined.

With regard to the activity in Bangkok, Magon said to the UNYPAD NCR Chapter Officers, “These international invitations to us signify that UNYPAD is now known worldwide”, Magon said.  Many organizations both in the country and abroad are now learning our experiences. What we had now is a product of our sacrifices in Allah’s cause, he explained.”

The afternoon session was facilitated by Kamim Macmod.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the installation of Badrudin Ali to the position of NCR Provincial Secretary.

Among the challenges encountered in the meeting were youth organizing and putting up of more chapters in Metro Manila but the UNYPAD NCR Chapter Officers expressed strong commitment to continue their work despite the chapter’s limited resources.