Our Background

Picture2The relentless war in Mindanao since the martial law days made its people live in substandard human condition.  People have stored memories of chilling fears caused by roaring sound of mortar shelling and gun burst.  They learned to hide and run trekking through marshy area or dense forest to save their lives during genocidal campaign in early 70′s, all-out war of 2000 and all-out peace of 2003.

Truly the experiences in the war have been emotionally and mentally opressive.  It developed anguish with in the hearts and minds of the people especially the young ones whom at young age were already traumatized by the goriness of war.  Thus, in their later life they grow unproductively.  Some turned drug addicts and engaged in different forms of illegal activities.  Others tread the path of their forbears who took arms as means to seek justice against the government whom they thought has deprived them of ideal life.

Having the above realities, the UNITED YOUTH FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNYPAD) was born to help alleviate the plight of its people in Mindanao and other places especially those marginalized sectors of the society.  The Youths behind this organization are equipped with willingness and dedication to give their service at their utmost capacities.

These Youths were originally peace advocates who realized that economic prosperity is essential element of peaceful and just governance.  They believed that sustainable development should start from the grass-roots level.  They also hope that through their comprehensive programs and services they can contribute to shape a brighter future and peaceful horizon for their people especially fellow Mindanaons.