Public speaking training for UNYPAD MSU-Chapter held

Public speaking training for UNYPAD MSU-Chapter held

“We have a lot of ideas in mind but when we’re in the front of people, we’re mentally blocked and we’re having a stage fright,” expressed by one of the participants in Seminar-Workshop on public speaking organized by the UNYPAD school-based chapter of Mindanao State University-Maguindnao.

Yusoph Sabpa, president of UNYPAD MSU-Chapter said that every year, the UNYPAD-MSU-Chapter is conducting series of seminars and workshops at MSU-Maguindanao campus.  One of these is “Methodology of Da’wah and Skillful Presentation and Leadership and Management Training workshops.”

Last October 21-22, 2014, 27 UNYPAD members , 11 female and 16 male, underwent “Public Speaking Training” held at the Multi-Purpose room, MSU-Maguindanao.

“The students were trained very well by three professional facilitators of UNYPAD National Officers on the said training,” Yusoph said.

On the 1st day of the workshop, before the proper inputs of the facilitators, each participant was asked to perform a speech presentation for five minutes and it was video-recorded.

“They experienced mental block, arms and feet shaking. Some were not able to finish delivering their speeches while others performed well,” Norodin Midsuyao, UNYPAD Central Mindanao Regional Coordinator and lecturer said.

After the pre-input presentation, the participants were given time to watch their presentations so that they themselves will be able to realize their mistakes.

Midsuyao has been very much appreciative of the efforts of participants exerted despite difficulties.

“There were some erroneous attitudes and styles during speech presentations but during their final presentations it was corrected,” Midsuyao pointed-out.

“Don’t make your mistakes as your enemy but take it as your friends,” he stressed.

The Secretary General of UNYPAD Yusoph Lumambas encouraged participants to do constant practice in terms of public speaking because we, as Muslims, are responsible in spreading-out the message of Islam through speech or dialogue.

“That is why we have been exerting our best to equip you with all these necessary skills,” he pointed out.

Saada Sampayan, national Vice Chairwoman of the UNYPAD Women Affairs Committee, has facilitated the critiquing session on output of the workshops.  She focused her critics on phasing, body movements and voice amplifications.

“I was really amazed on the topics chosen by the participants during final workshop, most of them discussed Islamic related areas.” Sampayan said. (UNYPAD News)