UNYPAD, IHH Distribute Food Items in Moro Communities of Metro Manila

MANILA, Philippines (July 14, 2015)—The United Youth for Peace and Development  (UNYPAD) and UMMAHAT, a group of mothers, have facilitated the distributions of food items sponsored by the Insani Yardim Vakfi (International Humanitarian and Relief Organization or IHH)  at the Targan Community, Maharlika, Taguig City, and Barangay 649, Baseco, Metro Manila last July 09, 2015, respectively.

“There were 675 families that received the packed-assorted food items. The recipients were very happy upon receiving the goods, which is good for their predawn meal and iftar (breaking of fast) or dinner,” said Sajid Khan T. Tula, UNYPAD-National Capital Region Chairman.

“We thank Allah for all these blessings, and we deeply appreciate the effort of Dr. Rahib Kudto, UNYPAD President, for accessing us to IHH,” he added.


Kamim Macmod, UNYPAD-NCR Regional Coordinator, said, “In Baseco, the distribution of goods is very successful. They are cheerful while falling in line and excited to get their share.”

“The activity is among of UNYPAD programs and services  to its members and communities. Since UNYPAD is a non-profit organization, it could not do this relief  actitivity without assistance from donor partners,” he clarified. (UNYPAD News)