UNYPAD joins international youth conference for Palestine and Al-Aqsa


INDONESIA/ May 3, 2018 – the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) joined other young Muslim leaders from around the globe in an international conference that calls for the liberation of Palestine from the occupation of the Zionist people.

The Indonesian Consortium for Liberation of Al-Aqsa (ICLA) hosted the event that was held from April 30 to May 2, 2018 at Bandar Lampung, this country.

Around 200 participants coming from the provinces of Indonesia and representatives from the countries Palestine, Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sudan, Australia, Lebanon, Syria, Thailand, and the Philippines joined the gathering.

The delegates expressed their sympathies on the plight of the Palestinians under the hands of the government of Israel.

To manifest their expression of support for the freedom of the Palestinians, the delegates signed a declaration strongly calling the Muslim generations to unite to address the issue of Palestine.

They believe that all Muslims must be united in this position “because the issue on Palestine affects the Muslim Ummah worldwide.”

Few months ago US President declared the Jerusalem as new capital of Israel but it was also declared as null and void by the United Nations.

Abdulrasid Midzapak of UNYPAD representing the Bansamoro People of the Philippine was among the signatories of the “Lampung Declaration on the Liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa.”

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