UNYPAD Leads Mass Mobilization in Support to BBL

UNYPAD Leads Mass Mobilization in Support to BBL

Written by Tu Alid Alfonso with report from UNYPAD-NCR Chapter

MANILA, Philippines (June 11, 2015)—The National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter of the United Youth Peace and Development (UNYPAD) spearheaded a peaceful demonstration in support to the passage of the undiluted Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) outside the House of the Senate on June 3, 2015.

UNYPAD-NCR Chapter Chairman Sajid Tula said, “together with other peace advocate groups in Metro Manila, we have staged this rally outside the Senate to show support and to call on Senators to expedite the passage of the undiluted Bangsamoro Basic Law.”

“On 01 June, our group participated in a thanks-giving rally at south-wing of House of Representatives after majority of the ad hoc committee members secured the “yes” vote in favor of the BBL,” he added.

The majority committee members voted the BBL: 50 for yes, 17 no and 1 has abstained.

“This is a response to our lawmakers who supported the BBL, we thanked them but we, at the same time, strongly call on them to bring back the removed substance of the agreed version,” Tula said.

Kamim Macmod, UNYPAD Regional Coordinator for Luzon Cluster, said that the congress should not mangle the agreed version of the BBL as it is a product of the long and painstaking negotiations between the government and MILF, and what is going to be resolved is the Bangsamoro question.

“The government should seize the moment that Bangsamoro now accept a solution short of their original aspiration,” Kamim said.

“I don’t know what will happen if the already watered BBL will still be watered down,” he added.

NCR rally-1

The UNYPAD has continued appeal to the legislators to support the passage of the undiluted BBL.

“On May 18, the UNYPAD-NCR and other peace groups marched from the south wing of the House of the Representatives to the north wing, and Quezon City,” Kamim disclosed.

Badrudin Ali, Luzon Regional Cluster Secretary, said in a radio interview at 99.0 VoiceFm Cotabato in Cotabato City that they will continue to fight for the agreed version submitted to the office of the President.

“We continue to stage peaceful gatherings until a BBL that is based on the letter and spirit of Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) is passed,” he pointed out.

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