UNYPAD Maguindanao-3 participates in a series of People’s Day Celebration in Maguindanao Province

By: Alhaida Pagalad

COTABATO CITY/ November 29, 2018 – Members of the United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD) have been participating in the series of activities for the People’s Day Celebration of ARMM in different municipalities of Maguindanao province commenced in November 10 and will end in December 2018.

Rudy S. Lumapinet, FSD Coordination and Liaison Officer, said that the program paves way for the members of UNYPAD in Maguindanao to participate in the regional program of the ARMM to serve the youth by providing Mine Risk Education and assisting the ARMM-HEART in the distribution of the supplies.

“UNYPAD is one of our strongest partners in the field as of this time here in Central Mindanao in providing Mine Risk Education in the different areas of the Bangsamoro people,” Lumapinet said during People’s Day Celebration conducted in Rajahbuayan municipality.

Alihar Liongan and Norhana, both are members of UNYPAD from General Salipada K. Pendatun municipality, are among the active players in supporting the organization in serving the youth.

“We are now catering the youth in different Arabic schools here in our town,” Alihar said.

Moctar Edzla, founding chairman of Maguindanao Youth for Change organization based in Datu Paglas said that as new partner of UNYPAD here in Datu Paglas Chapter, we could easily access the means to provide services to the youth, especially both organizations have members trained by FSD as MRE providers.

The People’s Day Celebration is regional program designed by the Gov. Hataman Administration to deliver services in the grassroots level.

Last November 20 of this year, UNYPAD sent its delegates in the “Global Youth Summit” organized by Global Peace Foundation Philippines in Datu Paglas municipality.

“We are happy to be part of the UNYPAD and Maguindanao Youth for Change organization,” Hawra Malo a participant said.

“These organizations sent us to the recently concluded Global Youth Summit here in our town,” said Bailyn Mamalintao after she received the certificate awarded by the Global Peace Foundation Philippines.

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