UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster-3 Chairman Reinstalled

UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster-3 Chairman Reinstalled

By: Alhaida Pagalad-Lumapinet

BULUAN, Maguindanao (February 9, 2015) – Akmad S. Musa has been successfully reinstalled replacing Rudy S. Lumapinet during the chapter’s special meeting held in its office at Poblacion, Buluan, Maguindanao on January 25, 2015 as Chairman of Maguindanao Cluster-3  Provincial Chapter through the facilitation of the office UNYPAD Secretary General.

The turn-over ceremony immediately ensued, which was facilitated by Secretary-General Yusoph Lumambas.

Also in attendance were the Provincial officers and Municipal Chairmen from the Municipality of Buluan, Datu Paglas, General Salipada K. Pendatun, Pandag, Paglat and Mangudadatu, all of Maguindanao.

The program was started with the recital of the selected verses of the Holy Qur-an and followed by the welcome address of Atty. Haviv Maidan in which he warmly welcomed the presence of the all officers coming from different municipal chapters.

“I hope the next meeting will be in my house so that you could be accommodated much and you are very welcomed in Buluan”, Atty. Maidan said.

Rudy Lumapinet, in his farewell message, said: “I am very thankful for the supports which I had received from all of you (my co-officers) during my administration. I have admitted that only few programs were implemented due to our present geographical distance and situations in this almost a year of my leadership.”

“May Allah bless and reward you all for the efforts you had extended to our organization,” he added.

“Most of the provincial officers were glad for the return of their previous chairman. In their messages, they are expecting the return of the regular meetings, programs and evaluation of the organization’s performance,” said one of the officers who refused to be disclosed.

The UNYPAD Maguindanao Cluster-3 is now expected to revisit the entire set-up of the organization starting from Provincial Chairmen down to Barangay Chapters. One year action Plan is expected to be finished and passed to UNYPAD National by February 28, 2015, as promised by their Officers.

Akmad Musa stressed the importance of following the rules of Islam as leaders and followers.

“If you see that I am still following the order of Allah and His noble Messenger Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S.), then follow me as your chairman. However, If you would observe that I am no longer following the teachings of our religion – Islam – then I have no more authority over you for your obedience,” Musa stressed.

The last part of the meeting was a pledge of support or ‘Mubay-a’ to the leadership of UNYPAD in accordance to its Constitution and By-Laws.

Meantime, the Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs has been tasked by the National Executive Office to arrange a meeting with the out-going Provincial Chairman of Maguindanao Cluster-3 Rudy Lumapinet to officially inform him of his new designation.