UNYPAD Members Donate Blood to the Bangsamoro Development Agency

UNYPAD Members Donate Blood to the Bangsamoro Development Agency

By Yusoph S. Lumambas

Cotabato City (February 11, 2014) – Around 300 Bangsamoro participated in the bloodletting program of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Central Mindanao Regional Office on January 19, 2014 held at the BDA Central Mindanao Regional Office, Jasmine Street, RH-6, Cotabato City.

 “Organizations, individuals, and some medical practitioners joined the activity,” the organizer said.

During the past few months, BDA observed that their blood bank has encountered blood shortage due to the huge number of patients in dire need of blood.

According to BDA Central Mindanao Office, an average of 100 bags of blood is consumed every month. Due to the depreciation of blood stock, the BDA management has strengthened its promotion and advocacy to catch the attention of the Bangsamoro people to participate in the blood donation program in partnership with the Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC).

In response to the call, UNYPAD through its Committee on Health and Disaster Management (CHDM) headed by Esmail Rahim asked its members to join the blood donation program of the BDA.

“Spearheaded by the CHDM, the UNYPAD sent 64 members to donate blood,” Esmail Rahim, CHDM Secretary, disclosed.

“Before proceeding to the BDA for bloodletting session, an orientation on the benefits and advantages of giving blood was given to the UNYPAD donors held at the UNYPAD national office, Purok Pennin, Rosales St., RH 6, Cotabato City.

Rahim said that the regular blood donation will prevent the possibility of hypertension, diabetes and other sickness.

“Aside from the health benefits, the donor can have an easy access to the BDA-CRMC blood bank in case their family or relatives need blood,” he pointed out.

Rahim advised the donors to not aspire to be beneficiaries of their own blood.

Badrudin Mamendeg, Chapter President of the UNYPAD Pagalungan Municipal Chapter, expressed (in behalf of his members) his pledge to become a regular blood donor.

“We are members of the UNYPAD who are willing to be part of the said noble activity but due to the limited resources sometimes we are not able to participate”, he added.

The coordinator of UNYPAD Damalasak Pagalungan, Maguindanao municipal chapter Esmail Sandangan Lumambas said that the blood donation program is considered as blood exchanges between and among Bangsamoro people.

“We hope that through these blood donations, we could have stronger brotherhood,” he added.

Abdul-Alim Talusob, Secretary of the UNYPAD Cotabato City Chapter, disclosed that the UNYPAD donors reached to 64 but four members were disqualified due to hypertension and the other two collapsed right after they are done with bloodletting.

The participating UNYPAD members were coming from Cotabato City, North Cotabato, Maguindanao 1, and National Chapters.

The UNYPAD National Office committed to continue its support in the next blood donations program of the BDA.

Meanwhile, the BDA Central Mindanao Office said that the next schedule for the Bloodletting Program is set on April 19, 2014.