UNYPAD-National clusters its North Cotabato Provincial Chapter

UNYPAD-National clusters its North Cotabato Provincial Chapter

By: Dats M. Magon

PIKIT, Cotabato (December 27, 2015)—On December 24, 2015, the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)-National Chapter sent a delegation to North Cotabato purposely to cluster its North Cotabato Provincial Chapter into three clusters to further strengthen efforts in working for peace and expedite implementation of programs and services.

The special meeting was held at the UNYPAD Sub-Office, Batulawan, Pikit, North Cotabato attended by around eighty five (85) officers from different municipalities of the province.

The delegation was led by UNYPAD President Dr Rahib Kudto; Vice President for Internal Affairs Tu Alid Alfonso, Datuan Magon, the Deputy Secretary-General for Administration; and the National Chapters’ Women Affairs Committee chaired by Baisanie Macabuat and her two vice chairpersons for Internal and External Affairs, Sittie Saada Sampayan and Farida Dalandan, respectively.

Before the meeting started, Ustadz Ibrahim Mamengkog, a staff of UNYPAD-National Committee on Da’wah and Education shared words of wisdom and emphasized that youth must have in-depth understanding of the current situation.

“We welcome those that are interested to join the organization, those that prioritizes the implementation of the words of Allah (SWT) and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to put into reality their passion and idealism,” said Mamengkog.

“When joining this organization, one should be critical and vigilant so that they will not be exploited by groups that have personal agenda,” he added.

“Joining UNYPAD is a privilege because this organization provides correct guidelines in understanding Islam and the Bangsamoro situation”, he also said.

Dr Kudto in his briefing on the current status of the peace process informed the officers that all self-imposed deadlines by Congress for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) did not materialized due to many factors.

“Now, the main obstacle to the passage of the BBL is ‘time element’ because President Benigno Aquino’s term in office is about to end and yet there are many processes contained in the road map for peace that remain undone”, he said.

Other important points the UNYPAD President conveyed to the officers were the importance of organizing, consolidation, capacitating and educating the Bangsamoro youth on the appropriate approach on the Bangsamoros’ assertion for right to self-determination (RSD).

“Youth, especially our members must be patient and optimistic of the positive outcome of the BBL in congress because ‘war is not an option’ and will never be at this point in time…let us not think of it because it will not help address the problem”, he stressed.

“Nowadays all of us should have better education so that we can produce competent professionals who will be agents of change in the future”, Kudto told the participants.

On the other hand, Alfonso, the Vice President for Internal Affairs facilitated the re-structuring of North Cotabato Provincial Chapter.

“This is part of leadership response to the on-going challenges in organizational management as it continues to grow. It took us more than a year and finally decided on this proposal for you here in the North Cotabato Chapter of our organization”, said Alfonso.

“Our activity now is part of our consolidation, strengthening and supervision by my office. After this, I, together with our vice president for external affairs brother Ansary Diamaoden will visit our chapters all over the country as far as Tawi-Tawi and the National Capital Region to assess their operations and current situation,” he revealed.

“…Because we need to further strengthen our efforts to work for peace and implement other programs and services of our organization in our respective communities,” Alfonso said.

The proposal of dividing the areas of Cotabato Province into three provincial clusters and appoint a chairman for each cluster was unanimously adopted by the UNYPAD officers of North Cotabato.

The North Cotabato Provincial Chapter Chairman Ustadz Hamsa Landayan for his part welcomed the positive development as it allows them to focus more to areas where UNYPAD programs rarely implemented due to its distance.

“Since that our chapter is clustered into three, we could be more focused. Aside from honing and training future leaders, this initiative provides more opportunities for members to be capacitated and knowledgeable on the virtuous of leadership”, Hamsa told his colleagues.

The newly appointed UNYPAD provincial chairmen in North Cotabato for Cluster 1, 2 and 3 are: Akmad Kumayog, Hamsa Landayan and Akmad Maguid, respectively.

Action planning by the three clusters on how to move forward were part of the activities last Thursday, said one of the National Vice Chairwoman.

Among the recent clustered provincial chapters of the UNYPAD were the provinces of Sulu, Maguindanao and Lanao areas. Clustering of provincial chapters is the organization’s response to the emerging situation which the UNYPAD is facing. This is to make sure programs and services of the organization are implemented smoothly in different chapters nationwide. (UNYPAD News)