Women Affairs Committee Conducts Islamic Symposium

Women Affairs Committee Conducts Islamic Symposium

By: Baisanie J. Macabuat

July 19, 2013: “We do hope that this Ramadhan will develop and strengthen our powers in controlling ourselves from doing all wrongful desires and bad habits and it will bring us near and close to Allah (S.W.T), and we pray that Allah will forgive all our sins.”

This was the message of Farida P. Dalandan, Vice Chairwoman for External Affairs of the Women Affairs Committee (WAC) of United Youth for Peace and Development, Inc. (UNYPAD), during the symposium organized by the Dawah and Education Committee of the WAC last July 14, 2013 at the UNYPAD National Office, Datu Liwa Candao St., RH-3, Cotabato City.

There were more than 80 participants from different chapters of the organization including the non-UNYPAD members and the interns from Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) attended the said symposium.

In his input, Ustadz Zuharto Abdulradzak Mamengkog, resource speaker, said that Fasting has three (3) parts: Niyat (intention), Imsak (to abstain from food, water and other wrongdoings), and Al-zaman (Time of fasting).

“All our deeds will be rewarded based from our intention”, he stressed.

Ustadz Mamengkog is a graduate of College of Islamic Law (Shariah) at Mahad Azharie in 2010, and he finished his Master’s Degree (Diblumul A’liyya) in Islamic Shariah at Jamiat Cotabato just this 2013.

The topic during the symposium focused mainly on the Significance of Ramadhan.

“This symposium is very interesting because we were able to learn some guidelines for fasting”, said Zenaida Abdullah, one of the participants.

According to Ustadz Mamengkog, the people who are obliged to observe fasting must be Muslim, who attained puberty, in a state of good mind or not fatuous and physically able person.

“The reward of a person, who is fasting but not yet attained a pubertal age will go to his/her mother”, Ustadz Mamengkog clarified.

“The amount of zakat you will be going to give in the Zakatul Amwal will be based from the amount of salary you have, while Zakatul Fitr is equal for all people both fasting and not fasting individuals”, Ustadz Mamengkog furthered.

Part of the program is a testimony given by Rowena “Jannah” delos Reyes, a revert to Islam, who is presently a Chief of Committee on Health and Disaster Management of WAC.

“I am so thankful that Allah S.W.T. has guided and blessed me with having Islam as my religion now,” Jannah said.

“I thank UNYPAD for being my family, and for helping me realize the true meaning of being a Muslim”, she furthered.

“To my sisters, I encourage you to embrace Islam whole heartedly. If I did it, then, I am sure that you too can do it”, Jannah told her co-participants.

The UNYPAD National Vice President for Internal Affairs, Tu Alid Alfonso, was also present in that activity along with his family.

cot newsMeanwhile, in the afternoon of the same day, the Cotabato City Chapter of the UNYPAD also conducted a symposium held at the Mahad Al-Azharie, Buliao 2, Cotabato City. The initiative was in partnership with the Southern Kutawato Empire College Inc. (SKECI) School.

Sittie Saada S. Sampayan, Chairwoman of the UNYPAD Cotabato city chapter, said that ‘gains and rewards of Ramadhan’ was among other topics highlighted in the symposium.

“One of the objectives of the symposium is to help educate our brothers and sisters in the schools, who don’t have the chance to attend activities like this because they are busy in their studies”, Sampayan disclosed.

“The school principal of the Al-Azharie, Ustadza Pindaula Pigkaulan, appreciated much the UNYPAD for the initiative”, she added.

“Thank you so much to the convener of this activity, to UNYPAD and SCECI”, anytime, you can use this school as venue for any Islamic activities”, Ustadza Pigkaulan said.

The symposium was attended by more than 100 participants from different barangay chapters of Cotabato City chapter of UNYPAD, students and teachers from Mahad Al-Azharie.